Race Director Spring 2014 Update

Fremont, MI - May 5, 2014. It's been an extremely active year so far in the Race Director timing world.  I'd like to bring everyone up to date on several topics. 

Race Director 2014
There have been a few more  changes in RD 2014 in the first few months than I've seen at the beginning of other years.  Many were related to the new Timing Point processes introduced in RD 2014.  I've also made quite a few improvements that you'll be interested in reading about.  There has also been a lot of activity in the systems that RD integrates - specifically my-finish.com, Run Sign Up, CT Live and Xact.
Race Director 2015
I now have a start on the development of Race Director 2015.  A working release of the new version will be available to Extended Support customers within a few weeks.  

Webinar Tuesday, May 27th
I plan on holding the first ever Race Director Webinar on Tuesday, May 27th @ 8 pm Eastern time.  I will spend 45 minutes covering new features in Race Director 2014.  

Race Director 2014 Progress

At this point, there are nearly 300 timers actively using Race Director 2014.  I'm getting really good feedback on the new concept of Timing Points that was introduced in RD 2014, but it is catching some by surprise.  Before you score your race using RD 2014 where you are collecting more than one read per participant at any specific chip reader, be sure you read about how this works.  There's a Getting Started guide for this in the Help system.  Enhancements made to RD 2014 since it's initial release that may interest you -

  • Several fine tuning changes related to timing points.
  • Addition of Race Result as a new chip scoring partner.
  • Added a participant export specifically for FinishLynx
  • Made modifications to the GRU data file output to keep it compliant with the 2014 requirements as given by the USAT.
  • Improved the Results Kiosk screen to work better with 6+ segment races.
  • Added the ability to edit basic participant data on the chip results import screen.  You can select a participant from the list shown and immediately change info such as name, age, gender, division, etc.
  • Eliminated secondary trigger record prompts in races where you are not managing wave groups.

Partner News

Connections between Race Director and partner systems for registration data and results has become a way of life for almost every timer.  Maintaining perfectly synchronized data between systems is a tall task, but it remains a major emphasis in all of these integrations.  Here are a few of the most recent enhancements.

  • Added the ability to get participant data from my-finish directly into the RD kiosk screens.  This means that you no longer need to worry about getting the last minute participant data additions and changes from your scoring computer onto the kiosk computers.
  • Added age group description and ranking to the Run Sign Up results upload.
  • Implemented a method to import participants from Run Sign Up super events into multiple RD divisions.
  • Added team relay synchronization between Race Director and Run Sign Up.
  • Added a basic results upload process for CT Live races.
  • Improved the External ID methodology for synchronizing data between RD and Xact.

Race Director 2015

Work has begun on some significant improvements that will come with Race Director 2015.  This version will be made available to Extended Support customers in late May, 2015.  At that time, you will have the ability to set segment definitions by division for 6+ segment races.  Also, the requirement that you be in Data Share mode when running Direct Connect will be finally removed.  Other changes that are on the horizon for RD 2015 include.

  • Generating GRU data directly from the chip results import screen.
  • Improvements in races where segment definitions vary by division - including having the series reports and team reports work better in these races.
  • More control over HTML report formatting.  Specifically control over the size, color and font choice in the heading bands.
  • Immediate updates of participant data to partner systems.  Instead of uploading participant data changes by uploading the full participant data file, updates to participant data at partner systems will happen immediately as you make the changes to individual participants in RD.
  • Re-design the Results Kiosk screens for faster updates when networked to the scoring computer.  Needing to run in Data Share mode will be eliminated.  The re-design will have the scoring computer act as the data server, sending updated participant data directly to the kiosk computers.
  • Lots of the improvements you've been asking for.  In RD 2014, too much of the attention was on a few major changes.  I have dozens of changes that I just couldn't get to in RD 2014.  I hope to make up some of this lost ground in RD 2015.

Webinar Tuesday, May 27th @ 8PM EST

I plan on holding the first ever Race Director Webinar on Tuesday, May 27th @ 8 pm Eastern time.  I will spend 45 minutes covering new features in Race Director 2014 - especially examples of how Timing Point setup is done.  I will also cover the integration that we have going now with Race Director partners CT Live, Run Sign Up and Xact.  We'll cover questions on the end and perhaps come up with a timing and topics for future webinars.  Thanks to Bob Bickel from Run Sign Up for helping me get this going.  Contact Roger if you are interested in this event.