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Update 2018

Race Director 2018 Update

After you have installed Race Director 2018 or 2019 please download and install the update below.

Please Check: In Race Director, go to Help -> About RD and confirm that you are using Race Director 2018 or 2019 before downloading and installing this update.

  1. Select the "Update.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
  2. After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.

2019 Update - Run or download this file: Update.exe

2018 Update - Run or download this file: Update.exe

2018 Updates

12/12/18 Bug corrections in Time Machine Override imports.
12/12/18 Custom Label.
12/12/18 Updates to the RDS Race export function.
11/28/18 Correction to how masters top finishers are assigned when you run a combined divisions report.
11/28/18 Enhancement to MyLaps csv import to allow for different length dates columns.
11/28/18 Fix for indexing problems with the raw reads data.
11/21/18 Corrected a bug in the team relay overall report
11/21/18 Corrected a bug in the participant list showing wave times for races where waves are set by age group.
11/7/18 Correction of bug publishing top finishers to RSU when using the Race Overall Top Finisher setup
11/7/18 Correction for XC races with 4 segments when ranking the splits by segment time.
11/7/18 Corrected how the NICA Series reporting is showing DNF.
10/24/18 Enhanced the RSU import to accept up to 60 positions for optional data fields 9 and 10.
10/24/18 Added a .lif file output choice to the XC Finish List
10/24/18 Corrected a bug in the segment assignments in Tailor -> Divisions for 6+ segment races.
10/24/18 Corrections to the Announcer catch-up process in XC races where you score by wave instead of separate races.
10/17/18 Corrections to the Announcer auto-cycle for the Leader Board display.
10/17/18 Added the participant ID to the Excel output for the Series Report
10/17/18 Corrected a bug in the Catch Up process on the XC Announcer screen.
10/17/18 Corrected an issue with adjusted team place in XC races where some are not on a team.
10/10/18 NICA Series report correction.
10/10/18 Enhanced the Wave Group Code import on the Wave screen to better deal with doing mappings from an Excel file.
10/10/18 Corrected an issue with tracking manually assigned top finishers when sending and retrieving a race from history.
10/10/18 Corrected a problem related to how Direct Connect times are erased on the chip results import screen.
10/3/18 Added the ability to supress RSU results at the Division level.
10/3/18 Enhanced the Lap Results Import to use bib / chip assignments for RFID imports.
10/3/18 Corrected a bug in the Random Draw function for creating the results to Excel.
10/3/18 Corrected bug in how Time Filters are saved on the chip results import screen.
10/3/18 Changed the RSU results upload for races where the Top Finishers are scored by gun time.  The chip time for top finishers will be sent as the gun time unless the setting for showing TF chip times is set on.
10/3/18 Corrected a bug related to RSU team relay participant imports
10/3/18 Corrected an error with the total time calculations for XC teams with ghosted runners.
10/3/18 Enhanced the Active participant import with the option to map the RD Division to the Active Price Type
9/26/18 Fine tuning of XC HTML for MileSplit
9/26/18 Added a filter to the export to exclude Ghost finishers.
9/26/18 Correction to process that filters chip import data by multiple bib number ranges
9/26/18 Correction to the team placements shown in the team summary when running from the Combined XC reports.
9/19/18 Changed the export setting on the XC finish list from "GRU" to "GUR / MileSplit"
9/19/18 Corrected a bug in the TFRRS export.
9/4/18 Corrected a bug with sending RSU division results for top finishers while the race is still in total DNF status.
9/4/18 Correction to the USAT Number edit.
9/4/18 Changed the settings in Team Classifications for mixed gender teams to allow up to 99 per gender.
8/29/18 Enhanced the Chip Results import to consider only the chip code when the source of the data is RFID Outreach.
8/29/18 Corrected the Raw Data view for Trident reads to allow non-numeric choices for reader and antenna.
8/29/18 Correction for RSU splits in related divisions for 6+ segment races.
8/29/18 Corrected an issue with filtering reports by team number.
8/29/18 Correction for races scoring by average time.
8/29/18 Correction to the Reset process for selecting a different division in Direct Connect for cross country races.
8/22/18 Corrections to Race Day Reports for starting up the XC Announcer.
8/22/18 Updated the RSU results publishing to send split ranking.
8/22/18 Added the ability to trigger the gun time from the Lap Results screen.
8/22/18 Added the ability for an excel import of bib numbers to produce the exact same lap results for all bibs imported.
8/15/18 Enhanced the Finish Lynx export to produce the team name instead of the participant name of the team captain.
8/15/18 Enhanced the RSU and overall finish results to not show age group placements for Top Finisher Only division results.
8/15/18 Correction for changes in how RSU teams are defined in the participant input.
8/15/18 Correction to printed overall and age group report in 6+ segment races with skipped segments.
8/9/18 Correction to spreadsheet output in 6+ segment races where there are multiple skipped segments.
8/9/18 Fix to RSU Add-on mapping to optional data in RD.
8/9/18 Updated the Chip Results Override Import to work with the newly formatted data from the Tomato Timer.
8/9/18 Corrected a bug in Top Finisher setup when switching back and forth between page 1 and page 2.
8/1/18 Added a third selection for connecting directly to the IPICO or Trident Elite systems.
8/1/18 Changed the maximum setting for the delay between auto import cycles from 99 seconds to 999 seconds.
8/1/18 Added an option for imports an RSU Add-on into a RD Optional Data Field.
8/1/18 New custom label.
8/1/18 Correction of issue with RSU publishing for 6+ segment races.
8/1/18 Correction to split 4 pace for the printed version of the overall report in a 4 segment race.
7/24/18 Corrected an issue publishing results to RSU for divisions with skipped segments.
7/24/18 Bug fix for IPICO Direct Connect when collecting common Start/Finish times and the race crosses midnight.
7/24/18 Correction for RSU publishing in 6+ segment races where some divisions do not have skipped segments.
7/24/18 Correction of a problem importing race result reads
7/24/18 Improvements to the J-Chip import processing.
7/24/18 Corrections to checking for when to send the RSU Division Results Clear.
7/17/18 Corrected an issue publishing results to RSU for divisions with skipped segments.
7/17/18 Enhanced the RSU Results List Template to allow for a column for penalty.
7/17/18 Correction to division result posting for RSU.
7/17/18 Corrected Restore -> Race to better deal with raw read data.
7/11/18 Added USAT number to the RaceRoster import.
7/11/18 Changed RD to not clear RSU division results with each upload unless there is a division with fewer finishers than in the last upload.
7/11/18 Enhanced the RSU lap race publishing to order the list by distance for Long/Short loop races.
7/11/18 Corrections to RSU participant data uploads for races using RSU Super Events.
7/11/18 Incorporated "Long/Short" into the Laps Results summary report for the scenario where the lap race is scored on a long/short loop course.
7/11/18 Correction to Race Roster results for last split in a 6+ segment race where ranking is done by segment.
7/11/18 Added a way of scoring lap races by total distance when the course has a short loop and a long loop.  This requires a separate reader on each loop.  Designed only for MyLaps at this point.
7/11/18 Added a "Skip All" option when importing reads where there is not a bib/chip assignment.
6/27/18 Corrected an issue with how time filters are saved and restored in races where you score by division finish line
6/27/18 Correction to overall age group placement in results emails when segment rankings are by segment.
6/27/18 Corrected a bug related to double dipping and a 6+ segment race with skipped segments.
6/20/18 Enhanced the chip results import screen when scoring races where each division is a separate race to remember the time filter settings by division and timing location.
6/20/18 Correction to the check of gun time changing when you score each division as a separate race.
6/20/18 Enhanced the Common Start/Finish to allow multiple split/finish line occurrences.
6/20/18 Corrected a file sharing issue in Update -> Participants when running in share mode.
6/20/18 Correction for how to post a missing split time at RSU.
6/20/18 Corrected a bug in Direct Connect that didn't allow selecting a Start timing location in a 6+ segment race.
6/20/18 Corrected an issue with passing IPICO trigger times from Direct Connect into a lap race import.
6/20/18 Enhanced the Kiosk computer options to sense and report when the scoring computer found using the Network button doesn't have the same active race as the kiosk computer.
6/20/18 Enhanced the clone process in File -> New to ask if you want the age calculation date copied from the race you are cloning to the new race when the race you are making a copy of has a age calc date that differs from the race date.
6/6/18 Increased the max size of optional data fields 9 and 10 from 30 to 60
6/6/18 Correction of finish line template for the RSU finish list for the RD Division column.
6/6/18 Correction to how RD keeps track of the RSU Reg ID when relay team members are swapped.
6/6/18 Correction of a bug when importing data from multiple Race Result data files.
6/6/18 Correction to the Lap Results Catch Up function for races with wave times.
5/30/18 Added RDS Export and Import options to the File menu.
5/30/18 Corrected a bug with how RD keeps track of last changes at CT Live.
5/30/18 Fixed a bug in detecting if a T-shirt cross reference is in place.
5/30/18 Added a prompt asking if the vacated team should be deleted when using the Transfer in Tailor -> Teams.
5/30/18 Corrected getting the wave times correct when publishing to RSU for combined divisions and division wave times.
5/23/18 Added a help link to the RSU Publishing Options screen.
5/23/18 Update to sending emails related to team relay.
5/23/18 Correction to the Excel output for the Overall Finish List to show division name when showing results separately by div
5/23/18 Correction to bug in RSU Finish List templates when using a RD Optional Data Field as a column.
5/23/18 Corrected a bug with the filtering of how many to show in each age group on the age group report for 5 segment races where the placements are by segment time.
5/23/18 Added an option for the announcer screen about age giving age, age group and none as the choices.
5/23/18 Corrected a bug in calculations related to running combined reports in races where each division was scored as a separate race.
5/23/18 Corrected the link for purchasing RSU results credits.
5/23/18 Corrected issue with assignment of RD division with RSU question response.
5/16/18 Added the ability to see chip result import counts by division.
5/16/18 Correction to bug in unknown finisher setup.
5/16/18 Corrected a bug related to forcing the top finisher order on the overall results report.
5/16/18 Improved the look of the Age Group placement on the overall finish list.
5/16/18 Changed the lap results import totals to allow showing the total imported reads when there are more than 100,000 reads.
5/16/18 Correction to the Awards List in Tailor -> Divisions to account for mixed relay.
5/9/18 Correction to Age group report for complex filtering options.
5/9/18 Added the ability to show a second logo on the results kiosk printout in a lap race.
5/9/18 Added a new leader board for team relay for lap races.
5/9/18 Correction to IPICO direct for Separate S/F configuration.
5/2/18 Corrected a bug that kept the RSU Corral button from lighting up on the Wave screen in Update -> Participants
5/2/18 Added an option to the overall finish list to show only those with a missed split.  Added the ability to produce a file for missed splits to be used in the Division crossover function.
5/2/18 Corrected an issue with how the total finishers by age group are saved in the calculations
5/2/18 Enhancement to the RSU participant import to not remove participants who are no a non-relay team where the team classification is not set up in RD.
5/2/18 Minor improvements to the RSU finish feed from the RD Announcer screen.
5/2/18 Corrected participant data export to include the correct RSU registration ID for relay participants.
5/2/18 Adjusted how RD sends results to RSU for a DQ participant so that the placement shows DQ at RSU.
4/25/18 Added the RSU Checkin Status indicator to the Update - Participants screen and as a choice when creating a participant data export.
4/25/18 Changed Unknown Participant setup in the chip results import to look at the bib number on the master participant file for races configured for this.
4/25/18 Added a button for filtering incoming Trident data by reader and antenna.
4/25/18 Added the ability to ignore selected raw chip reads by selecting them in the Raw Data view and marking them for deletion.
4/18/18 Enhancements for changes in how CT Live sends RD the list of races.
4/18/18 Chip Auto-import.  Added a screen message so that you know when auto import is working and when it's waiting between cycles. 
4/18/18 Improvements to RSU results uploads to improve processing times.
4/18/18 Improvements to calculations cycle to improve processing time.
4/18/18 Added choices for whether or not to send bib no and tag code in the Xact participant upload.
4/18/18 Correction in RSU result set assignment process for linked divisions.
4/18/18 Enhancements to speed up results publishing from the chip results screen.
4/11/18 Enhancements to the skipped segment processing to better deal with missed reads when there is a wave time involved.
4/11/18 Ehnancements to team reporting to for complicated scoring in very large races.
4/11/18 Enhanced the chip results import to not prompt about RSU Event switches when you are in auto import mode.
4/11/18 Enhanced the Award Winners report on the Chip Results screen to include categories for male and female top finishers.
4/11/18 Corrected an issue with separating out top finishers in a 6+ segment race where some segments are skipped.
4/11/18 Enhanced the participant data import from a spreadsheet to deal with the registration date containing a time stamp.
4/11/18 Enhanced the bib/chip assignment auto fill for trident to allow for decimal chip encoding.
4/11/18 Fixed an issue with a GRU setting showing and hiding an Xact setup button on the Event Setup screen.
4/11/18 Corrected issue causing the division name not to show properly in the results list after an auto publish of results to RSU.
4/4/18 Added plate number to NICA multiple race reports.
4/4/18 Enhanced the Lap Results import to use the last start read instead of the initial read encountered when you're using the setting that the first read is to be processed as a start read.
4/4/18 Cosmetic change to the age group report for races with 4 sgments to allow more space for the bib number.
4/4/18 Changes to enable results created through the Active Timing File Exporter to import into RD.
4/4/18 Implemented a new method of sending support incident details through Help -> Support.
4/4/18 Stopped RD from sending the RD team number as the RSU Group Bib Number for standard teams.
4/4/18 Fix for RSU results where there are linked divisions.
4/4/18 Added details in the "On Course" section of the Race Progress report showing last split completed, next split and estimated time at next split.
3/28/18 Added team name as a selectable field for auto GRU from the chip results screen.
3/28/18 Added Force DNS and Force DNF settings when you edit participant data from the chip results list.
3/28/18 Implemented new chip system settings and a way of auto fill for the IPICO UHF system.
3/28/18 Corrected a bug in lap results posting to RSU when all divisions are team relay.
3/28/18 Corrected an issue with the relay team number assignment for participants imported from
3/28/18 Enhancements to the Race Roster participant import for pulling in T-Shirt sizes.
3/28/18 Added showing country as a choice on Series reports.
3/28/18 Corrected issue with sensing same bib on consecutive relay team chip reads.
3/21/18 Correction to RSU results publishing to properly record a missed split in a 6+ segment race.
3/21/18 Enhanced the raw data view for IPICO / Trident to show reader and antenna.  Also, allow filtering by these elements
3/21/18 Fine tuning for pulling MyLaps chip reads from RDS.
3/21/18 Corrected a bug on the override screen in calculating the occurence in a 6+ segment race where segment definitions vary by division.
3/21/18 Correction to RSU participant import for questions with no response.
3/21/18 Corrected a bug with the RSU giveaway assignments to RD TShirt sizes.
3/21/18 Adjustment to PC Timer to save backup data to normal RD path instead of directly into WINRACE
3/21/18 Corrected a bug on the lap results report when you combine divisions and send the report to a spreadsheet.
3/21/18 Minor adjustments to RDS export for Scored Event and age group setup.
3/21/18 Corrected a bug in tracking RSU question responses.
2/28/18 Enhancements to the RSU Reset Reg ID process to identify participants imported from sources other than RD.
2/28/18 Improved the Properties screen for common start / finish Timing Location properties to have better explainations and edits.
2/28/18 Corrected a bug remembering chip results import files when there are moret than 9 timing locations for a single race.
2/28/18 Corrected a bug related to consecutive reads for the same bib number on a relay team.
2/28/18 Implemented a new RD activation process.
2/28/18 Corrected the description for the default age grouping that gets established when you create a Mixed Team Relay division.
2/28/18 Added Yes/No questions into the RSU Division assignment by question responses.
2/28/18 Added the ability to have a kiosk label where there's only a logo file on the bottom.
2/28/18 Correction to the RSU call to retrieve Event Days for where there is not an internet connection.
2/28/18 Enhanced the Start New Year process in File -> History to create a new Group Type at RSU for each RD team classification and to create new teams at RSU if teams are preserved in RD from the previous year.
2/28/18 Added additional checking to the RSU upload to sense when RSU team numbers are different from when the previous upload occurred.
2/28/18 Enhanced the new Timing Locations properties window to handle J Chip.
2/28/18 Fixed a bug in the detail team report for when there are more than 1 classification and you score by total finishers.
2/28/18 Added a participant data filtering option for participant weight.
2/14/18 New custom label.
2/14/18 Correction to RSU Notifications settings lookup.
2/14/18 Allow bib number transfers to come through in the RSU participant data import (not for relay teams yet).
2/14/18 For Trident UHF, added the ability to auto create pairs of hexadecimal/decimal pairs by bib number.
2/7/18 Corrected a bug when determining the top finisher when combining divisions.
2/7/18 Correction to the Timing Locations property screen to show the check mat setting for any timing location.
2/7/18 Corrections to recent improvements to RSU results in 6+ segment races where segment definitions vary by division.
2/7/18 Improvements to the check mat reporting - added an option to ignore non finishers and added filtering to not show post finish reads.
2/7/18 Implemented a better approach for IPICO / Trident where you have a common start / finish on the Direct Connect screen.
2/7/18 Added the ability to show an additional logo at the bottom of the printed output from the results kiosk.
2/7/18 Correction of bug for early start divisions.
2/7/18 Announcer screen changes for Active Timing integration.
1/24/18 Added the ability to score teams simply by the number of finishers on each team.
1/24/18 Enhanced the Check Mat report with a setting to allow selecting only the final occurrence for the reporting.
1/24/18 Bug correction on Laps report for the Overall Summary when you combine divisions.
1/24/18 Fine tuning on the rules covering occurrence checking for chip results imports where a Timing Location has multiple occurrences.
1/24/18 Correction for the process that traps occurrence 1 times that are under the gap factor set on the chip results import screen.
1/24/18 Added a button to the chip results import screen to produce a report showing timing location density by minute.
1/24/18 Correction to avoid a RSU warning in results publishing for divisions with no posted results.
1/24/18 Correction to the GMR participant import to allow for more than 50 races in the list.
1/24/18 Changes to help with XP implementations.
1/16/18 Added a direct connect integration with Active Timing.
1/16/18 Corrected a problem with the RSU Timing Location setup for races that have a timing location description change.
1/16/18 Added checking when you do a import of participant data from another race where the participant data has RSU registration IDs.  A new choice is given to reset these.
1/16/18 Corrected a RSU sync check when uploading participants in a race where multiple divisions are assigned to the same RSU Event.
1/16/18 Corrected bug in properly selecting the GRU live results data by Event when combining divisions.
1/16/18 Corrected bug in the pace calculations for 6+ segment races where the seg definition varies by division.
1/9/18 Added the capability of combining results across all divisions in an event when publishing GRU results.
1/9/18 Correction to division placement in GRU output from chip results.
1/9/18 Added the capability to let RD divisions completely share the same RSU Event and RSU Result set.
1/9/18 Activated Athlinks results
1/9/18 Added TOD for splits as an optional column choice for 6+ segment races.
1/9/18 Enhanced the GRU published from chip results to allow the addition of other user defined extra columns.
1/9/18 Correction for bib number on 2x10 label when including QR code.
1/9/18 Added a check when you exit the bib/chip assignment process to alert you about any use of the same chip code for more than one bib number.