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Update 2018

Race Director 2019 Update

After you have installed Race Director 2018 or 2019 please download and install the update below.

Please Check: In Race Director, go to Help -> About RD and confirm that you are using Race Director 2018 or 2019 before downloading and installing this update.

  1. Select the "Update.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
  2. After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.

2019 Update - Run or download this file: Update.exe


2019 Updates

09/11/19 Correction to Race Roster results age group description truncation problem.
09/11/19 Correction to MyLaps pre-wave checking on imported chip reads.
09/11/19 Enhanced the TFFRS integration to provide a better URL for reviewing the results.
09/11/19 Added a warning for CT timer when they start up the chip results import for a race where there is bib/chip assignments.  If you have more participants than there are bib/chip assignments, the warning will pop up.
09/11/19 Correction to pace calculations for an odd ball scenario involving switching a race from XC to not XC.
09/11/19 Changes to the Triathlon series report to insure that anyone forced to DNF shows up on the report with zero points.
09/11/19 Added a Print option to the export on the chip results screen.
09/04/19 Corrected the DNF reporting to show "Drop" when forced to DNF even when there's a substitute for DNF.
09/04/19 Updates for TFRRS changes.
09/04/19 Added a new function in Tailor -> Divisions to identify and correct possible participant data problems based on high age grade percentages.
09/04/19 Update to the participant data import because of changes in the Direct Athletics API.
09/04/19 Fine tuning of lap race GRU data creation for races where the number of splits varies by division.
08/28/19 Added Total Pace column to the HTML and Spreadsheet outputs for the age group report.
08/28/19 Enhanced the CT results import to not attempt to match a bib number after a failed chip lookup when the race is configured with a bib/chip x-ref.
08/28/19 Added the ability to produce a RD Go output from the Overall Finish List for 2-5 segments races.
08/07/19 Added a "Force" button to the Raw Reads view.  This allows you to select the raw read(s) that you want forced into use.
08/07/19 Corrected an issue with resetting the DNQ time in Tailor -> Divisions.
08/07/19 Corrected an issue with early start times when combining divisions.
08/07/19 Corrected an issue with the assignment of RSU Corrals.
08/07/19 NICA enhancement to allow assigning a bonus/penalty to a team.
08/07/19 Correction to how checkpoint lap results are stored in Long/Short loop lap races.
08/07/19 Correction of how relay divisions get assigned for RSU races that use gender restrictions.
08/07/19 Bug fix for the Triathlon Series report.
07/24/19 Added RFID to the chip systems capable of scoring long/short loop courses.
07/24/19 Enhanced the NCAA TFRRS interface to allow several options for how to send DNF status for non-finishers.
07/18/19 Correction to Team Relay reporting for lining up the correct team members based on the chip read by their bib number.
07/18/19 Expanded the series attendance report to work for series with up to 40 races (HTML and Spreadsheet only).
07/18/19 Added the abillity to show split info when using report line templates to spreadsheet for 6+ segment races.
06/27/19 Added a new bandit setup setting for excluding all reads not in the chip assignment file.
06/27/19 Added the ability to filter the races shown in File -> Open and File -> Delete.  The choices are all, future, passed or current.
06/05/19 Adjustment to the team relay overall finish list to deal with skipped segments.
06/05/19 Correction to Race Results publishing for races with more than 10 segments.
06/05/19 Added a prompt to advise how to process start reads when using the Separate Finish Line setting.
06/05/19 Corrected an issue involving relay teams when clearing race participants prior to a RSU full participant import.
06/05/19 Corrected a bug in the age group report for mixed gender relay teams.
06/05/19 Corrected a bug in the Race Results import when you have the scenario where some data has a date stamp and other read data does not.
05/23/19 Enhanced the Overall Finish List and Age Group HTML reports for the heading to say "USAC Age" in USAC races.
05/23/19 Corrected bug with calculations of total division finishers.
05/23/19 Added the ability to enter a penalty as a time credit - meant to decrease the finish time instead of add to the finish time.
05/23/19 Adjustments to the Triathlon Series report to work for races where there are skipped segments.
05/23/19 Race Roster live results fine tuning.
05/23/19 Enhancement to the printed version of the Triathlon series report to show average top times when only a single race is selected
05/23/19 Added and Excel Extract to the Triathlon Series report.
05/23/19 Fine tuning of pace calculation in Lap races.
05/23/19 Correction to Age Group report for Awards Winner option when selecting multiple divisions separately.
05/23/19 Improvements to the RSU participant import to bring RD in line with the most current RSU registration ID.
05/11/19 Added an Export button to the chip reads import to create an excel file of the data seen in the grid on this screen.
05/11/19 Correction to Active Results for races where there are no start reads.
05/11/19 Added the option to show average time when scoring teams by finish time.
05/11/19 Correction to auto wave group assignment when importing Start reads.
05/11/19 Improvement to the Overall Detail Team Relay report to line up relay team members in Triathlon with the corresponding relay leg and to show transition times
05/11/19 Corrected a problem with the Random function when exporting to Excel.
05/11/19 Fix implemented for Active Results to correct the time zone problems.
05/11/19 Correction to Race Progress Report
05/11/19 Improvements to how RSU custom questions are imported when the race uses RSU Super Events.
05/11/19 Added a new triathlon based series report.
05/01/19 Correction of lining up team relay members on the reports for triathlons with transitions.
05/01/19 Added a toggle setting on the chip results screen to show the net time as chip time with the start time deducted.
05/01/19 Added a new option for printing wave offset labels where you want to omit the address.
04/24/19 Fine tuning of the sequence of non finishers.
04/24/19 Changed the Race Results data save process to prefix the Timing Location name to the file name.
04/24/19 Corrected a bug in sending gender placements to RSU when you're double dipping top finishers.
04/10/19 Enhanced the wave time update by wave group in Tailor -> Divisions to also update max times for quarantine divisions.
04/10/19 Corrected an issue RSU posted results with split times in 6+ segment races where division switches occur.
04/10/19 Corrected an issue with the check for duplicate participants when importing.
04/10/19 Enhanced the bib/chip assignment auto fill to accommodate when there are multiple chips per bib
04/03/19 Adjustment for showing DNQ in GRU results.
04/03/19 Added a prompt to the Skipped Reads browse to clear all skipped reads.
04/03/19 Enhanced the RSU participant data upload to deal with when the RD team classification name is blank.
04/03/19 Enhancement to add Penalty column to the RSU results template.
04/03/19 Changed the RSU Participant Data import to default to importing previously imported participants.
04/03/19 Enhancement to the chip results grid to show the net time increased by the division early start factor (when appropriate)
04/03/19 Added segment rank to the split columns that can be set on the RSU result set templates
04/03/19 Enhanced the IPICO and Trident direct FTP import for lap results to automatically select the filtered.log file.


Added a Default Path button on the Backup and Restore screens so that you can establish a system wide default path
03/20/19 Corrected a problem with grid level splits at RSU in 6+ segment races.
03/20/19 Activated custom question answer mapping for Race Roster participant data imports.
03/20/19 Correction in Segment Setup for 6+ segment races where you have a separate start and finish.
03/20/19 Correction to DNF sequencing on the overall finish list for 3 segment races.
03/20/19 Enhancement to the lap race Announcer screen to allow more lines when in projection mode.
03/20/19 Added long/short loop lap processing for IPICO and Trident.
03/20/19 Added an Excel export option to the Attendance version of the Series report.
03/13/19 Added better detection and correction processes for when RD Age Groups and Top Finisher categories are out of sync with RSD Divisions
03/13/19 Active Results enhancements.
03/13/19 Improvements to the RSU Results Divisions tracking.
03/13/19 Correction of bug in team reports for mixed gender scoring.
03/13/19 Correction to Age Group report for 6+ segment races.
03/13/19 Updated the BAA reporting with the new 2020 time requirements.
02/27/19 Correction to the Detail Team report for 6+ segment races
02/27/19 Fine tuning of Active Results.
02/27/19 Correction to Finish Lynx file create.
02/27/19 Enhancements to RDS Kiosk including the ability to change a bib number.
02/27/19 Update to the Finish Lynx data creation to always output participant data in bib number order.
02/27/19 Implemented changes to enable the Race Director participant entry screen as a RDS Kiosk for participant data entry.
02/27/19 Correction to the RSU Event assignment in Tailor -> Divisions for linked divisions that are determined by question response.
02/11/19 Added long lap / short lap scoring for IPICO / Trident
02/11/19 Corrected a bug with early start times.
02/11/19 Corrected a problem with ignoring incomplete teams when scoring through only 2 finishers.
02/11/19 Added a way to assign the same wave group code to participants in a single division for races where you are assigning waves by participant.
01/16/19 Enabled the integration with Active Results
01/16/19 Added ChronoTrack to the chip systems where there's a way to produce long/short loop lap race results.
01/02/19 Added Division Distance to the list of extra columns available to GRU output.
01/02/19 Updated the GRU output to take into consideration that setting about showing chip time for top finishers.
01/02/19 Correction of RSU publishing error for Lap Races.
01/02/19 Correction to lap results age group report for races with mixed relay teams.