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Race Director Product Features

System Features

  • Comprehensive participant data base including data elements unique to your race.
  • Any participant entered in a previous race can be carried forward into subsequent races without re-typing name, address, etc.
  • Works for single-event races, biathlons or triathlons.
  • Manage up to 999 races.
  • Mailing label creation can select participants from multiple races.
  • Flexible division and age groupings within each race.
  • Team grouping and team relay capabilities.
  • Finish line options:
    • Bar Code Scanning
    • Stopwatch program for automatic times transfer including select participant tracking
  • Interfaces to all major chip systems - ChampionChip, RFID (Accuchip), IPICO, ChronoTrack, Winning Times, DAG, AMB, MyLaps
  • Interfaces to electronic timing devices - Sprint8, Time Machine, Chronomix
  • Wave Starts by division, age group or bib number range
  • Track results by finish lane
  • Pre-race reports including:
    • Age group and T-shirt distribution statistics
    • Bank deposit register
    • Participant listings by age group, T-shirt size and by any unique data elements for your race
    • Demographic distribution of participants
    • Team rosters
  • Post-race reports including:
    • Overall finish list: male, female and total
    • Results by age group
    • Team results: detail and summary
    • Select times audit report
    • Participant finish summary mailing card
    • Series reports combining results from more than one race.

System Requirements

  • Windows environment only.
  • Windows 10 is recommended.
  • 1280 by 720 screen resolution or greater is required.
  • Race Director is not designed to run on "netbook" computers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. Download the entire system at no cost (see Downloads). Try out the system to make sure that your race's requirements are met. The only restriction to the demo is the number of participants allowed per race (20).
  2. Let me know what requirements you have that are not met by the system. There is a good chance that your needs can be satisfied with no additional cost.
  3. Send me any data you have on participants from prior year or other local races. Your participant master will be built from this data at no additional cost.
  4. Phone and e-mail support is un-limited. Race day support is available, but must be pre-arranged.