2013 Fremont Frostbite

January 25, 2014 - Fremont, MI  This year in a foot of snow and 15 degree temperatures, the10k male Winnner was  Scott Evans 38:43 and the 10k female winner was Jill Evers-Bowers 52:00.  
The 5k male Winner was Luke Boulter 18:54 and the 5k female winner was Deanna Near 23:26. 

2014 Fremont Frostbite Results- Saturday, January 25, 2014
5K Age Group  |  5K Overall  | 5K Age Graded
10K Age Group  |  10K Overall  |  10K Age Graded  |  All Years Combined Results

Next year's event is January 24, 2015.

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