Race Director 2014 Now Available

Fremont, MI - Thursday, December 26, 2013 Race Director 2014 Ready to Go!

Race Director 2014 Development has concluded and RD 2014 is now ready for general use.
Some of the major developments include -

  1. Timing Point Implementation
  2. My-Finish / QR Improvements
  3. Xact Integration
  4. Run Sign Up Integration
  5. CT Live Integration

For a full list of the 2014 features - 2014 enhancements.  

Getting Going on Race Director 2014
If you have purchased Race Director in the last six months, send Roger an email and he will arrange for a discounted or free implementation of Race Director 2014.  Otherwise click on the  Buy Now link and select the Annual Support Plan that is appropriate for you.  

Looking forward to a great 2014!


Getting Started Guides

Fremont, MI - November 30, 2013 - We just added several getting started guides to the website to help new timers with the initial setup of The Race Director.  In addition experienced timers can learn about new features like Race Director 2014 Timing Points.  

Please take a look at the guides and feel free to comment on Facebook or this article if you have any suggestions or questions.

Winter 2013 Florida Conference

Hollywood, FL - November 7, 2013 -  The first ever Race Director user conference was a great success.  Thirty Race Director users along with three Partner representatives met for a full day on November 6th in Hollywood Florida. 
The meeting was held the day before the official start of the 2013 Road Race Management meeting at the same location. 
The morning was spent going through a beginning to end demo of Race Director setup and various scoring scenarios.  During the demonstration, many of the new 2014 software enhancements were covered. 
In the afternoon, we saw presentations from Run Sign Up, Xact and CT Live - Three partners where we have major integration capabilities built into Race Director 2014.  We finished off the day by looking at the major change coming in RD 2014 - Timing Points.

Spring Conference Repeat? 
There has been some interest shown in having a repeat of this conference in the spring in a more centrally located spot.  If you are interested in a one day conference in Chicago some time during the month of March 2014, please login to the website and express your interest by commenting on this article or email roger@theracedirector.com.

Race Director 2014 Available December 1st!
Beginning December 1st, Race Director users may begin registering for 2014 support and receive access to Race Director 2014.  Use the "Buy Now" button from the website main page and look for the Annual Support options in the middle of that page.

Race Director on facebook 
Please take a moment to click here, go to our facebook page, and then like us on facebook.  This will allow you to receive the latest Race Director communications in your facebook news feed.

The Race Director Forum Email Subscription & Profile Photo
We have started to see significant user support among the users of The Race Director on our support forum.  If you would like to help out with The Race Director community and receive an email whenever someone posts a new question on The Race Director Forum we have a Subscribe feature in the Forum.  Just click on any forum posting and you will see a subscribe hyperlink.  When you click on the subscribe hyperlink it will show you options for subscribing to updates on that specific post or the entire Forum.  Also when you have a moment, post your profile photo or company logo to your Race Director Profile under the menu item User --> Edit Profile and that will show up whenever you post on the forum.


Live Smartphone Friendly Online Results Now Available!

A new feature is now available for Race Director users.  My-Finish.com is a website designed specifically to take results from your local Race Director software and display them live on the web in a smart phone browser friendly report format.  

My-Finish.com is ideal for small to medium sized races where live online results are not generally an option because of the high cost of other currently available solutions.  
Participant bib labels can include a QR code, which enables the participant's personalized result with a simple scan.  The personalized online results includes split times, final gun time, final chip time and ranking detail by age group, gender and overall.  Automatic links are provided for all rankings that take you immediately to the full list of finishers in each category.  A race or timer specific logo is shown on each finish result along with a free-form footer message that can include a website URL.  Coming in August - a smart phone solution for cross country races.
The first event for your timing company is free!  Click on Read More for additional information on the features and how to begin using this new tool at your very next race. 

Run Sign Up Integration

July 26, 2012 - RunSignup.com is a web service allowing you to create a free race web page and registration form for your runners to register online. 

RaceSignUp Registration Integration
Race Director now has an advanced integration for pulling registration data from Runsignup.com. You will now find a choice for this integration under the Import options found on the Update -> Participants screen.

RaceSignUp Instructions
-The integration with RunSignUp starts by giving you a sign-on screen where you enter your RunSignUp UserID and Password.
-Once signed in, you will be provided with a list of your RunSignUp events.
-The only mapping required is for division assignment or to indicate how "non-standard" RunSignUp data is mapped to Race Director data elements.
-After you've imported participant data and return later, each subsequent import will pick up whereve the last one left off.

Ongoing Support & Development
Race Director currently supports the following Registration Integrations:

We will continue to add additional registration integrations as different sites become popular with the RD community. 


Product Features

The Race Director - System designed specifically for the management of races (running, bicycle, skiing).

-Participant setup
-Results entry
-Pre-race reports
-Post-race reports
-Software for timing
-Individual and team scoring for single races, biathlons and triathlons.  

Designed for use with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.  
Interfaces to all major chip systems:
- MyLaps BibTag
-RFID (Accuchip)
-Winning Times

Click on Read More for additional information on this comprehensive application.
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