RunSignUp Integration Update to Participant Data Syncing in Race Director 2017

We have introduced a new concept in the latest build of The Race Director 2017 which is designed to reduce the amount of participant data sync issues when using the RunSignUp integration. When opening Tailor > Options > Partner Setup you'll now see a new setting that replaces "Live Mode" called "Participant Adds/Changes". The purpose of this setting is to designate the state of the lifecycle of your participant data interchange.

The concept is that your Race can only be in one of two states at a time - either all updates to participant information are being made at RunSignUp, and you are pulling those adds/changes into Race Director, or all updates to participant information are being made in Race Director and you are pushing those adds/changes up to RunSignUp. Generally, this state change will only happen once or twice within a Race. If you ever find yourself switching pull and push states from pull to push or push to pull frequently within the lifecycle of a Race, chances are you need to make some decisions on your data workflow to reduce the number of times that you would need to do so.

First, you should always think of your participant data as being owned by one system - with the other system having only a copy of the data.  For data that originates at an online registration system (or even if it originates from a spreadsheet), it's best to think of that data as being owned there from the time you open registration until the last second that registration is open. The best practice when importing data into Race Director during this time-frame is to totally delete all RD participant data and re-import the data in its entirety.  During this time-frame, when you need to make participant data changes, make them in the owning system (or spreadsheet).  During this period the data transfer direction is always in one direction - starting from the registration source and coming into Race Director via an import.
Once registration ends at your registration source and execution of scoring begins in RD, the orientation and direction of the data flow reverses.  At this point, you've done your final import into RD.  Perhaps you're taking race data entries at the site - these entries go directly into RD using Update -> Participants.  Also, participant data changes are processed in RD on the same screen.  If your registration source is a system such as RSU and CT Live that allows adds and changes to flow from Race Director, you would only be doing participant data uploads at this point.

Pull From RSU 

  • RunSignUp is the "Owner" of the data. 
  • Any updates or changes should be made at RunSignUp, then pulled into Race Director through the standard import process.
  • You will get a warning prompt whenever you attempt a participant data add or change in RD.
  • The "Upload" button in the task bar is disabled.
  • This state would generally run from the day registration opens up until the moment you begin making adds or changes within Race Director.

Push to RunSignUp

  • This state would generally run from the moment you begin making adds or changes within Race Director until you are finished making updates to the Race file for this year.
  • The Race Director is the "Owner" of the data
  • When you establish a RD Go race (using RSU for results, but registrations come from elsewhere), the race is automatically put in "Push" mode.  The race should stay in this mode unless you use tools at RSU such as race day check-in kiosks.
  • You will not be allowed to do a direct import of participant data from RSU.  When you do a participant data import from any other source, you will be reminded to do a RSU upload.
  • When you are not connected to the Internet, you will be reminded that you'll need to do an "Upload" once your internet connection is restored.

For more information or your suggestions please see our Google Group thread on the topic.