Race Director 2018 Update

Race Director 2017 / 2018 Update

After you have installed Race Director 2017 or 2018 please download and install the update below.

Please Check: In Race Director, go to Help -> About RD and confirm that you are using Race Director 2017 or 2018 before downloading and installing this update.

  1. Select the "Update.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
  2. After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.2) Corrected a sequencing problem with the bib/chip
    assignment export.
    3) Added a scrolling option to 6+ segment races for the
    overall and age group HTML reports.

2017 Update - Run or download this file: Update.exe

2018 Update - Run or download this file: Update.exe

2017 Updates
12/05/17 Corrected an issue with the distance check on the chip results import screen.
11/20/17 Minor improvements to the Checkmat report for showing finishers without a checkpoint read.
11/20/17 Corrected a bug in the age group report for 3 segment races where you are showing cumulative times.
11/20/17 Correction to RSU results for the scenario where the top finishers double dip, but the top fininishers are not also included in the age groups.
11/20/17 Correction to a TFRRS problem for 6+ segment races.
11/20/17 Corrected an issue with the Active.com t-shirt code assignment.
11/01/17 Changed the lap results import to allow a gun time beyond 24 hours.
11/01/17 Corrected an issue when resizing the Tailor -> Divisions screen when the resolution is too low
11/01/17 Corrected a bug in how placements are calulated in lap races with participants who are DQ'd.
11/01/17 Corrected an issue in the XC finish list HTML.
11/01/17 Correction to compressed Alpha list when showing optional data fields.
10/25/17 Added a RD Go option to the deductions report.
10/25/17 Enhanced the XC finish list to show split cumluative split times when rankings are calculated as cumulative.
10/25/17 Enhanced the "Auto Import" setting to disable the ability to change Timing Points while auto import is active.
10/18/17 Ehnanced the age group report to better coordinated settings related to gender desired on the report.
10/18/17 Corrected bug in finish list and detail team report for XC races with 6+ segments
10/18/17 Corrected the wave time entry when inputting times with tenth of second instead of hundredth
10/04/17 Corrected a problem caused from switching a race from a multple segment race to a single segment race when segment definitions were done by division.
10/04/17 Correction to athletic.net export when selecting divisions with different segment counts.
10/04/17 Corrected a minor bug in the XC close finish report.
10/04/17 Corrected a problem related to changing the division from the finish list in chip results entry when scoring separately by division.
10/04/17 Added a new setting on the chip results import for races that have separate finish lines by division to simply ignore any reads for divisions not being processed.
10/04/17 Fine tuning NICA reports.
10/04/17 Correction to XC summary report to show gender.
10/04/17 Bug correction in calculaitons to clear remnant times when scoring by division and a division switch occurs.
09/20/17 Modified the Race Roster results upload to give the option of not sending gun time.
09/20/17 Correction to NICA series report for the scenario where places 1 and 2 are tied on points.
09/20/17 Increased the length of the user ID allowed in the active.com results upload.
09/20/17 Improved the Team Summary report with a better description when scoring by last team finisher.
09/20/17 Corrected a bug that caused age group ranking to sometimes get out of alignment.
09/20/17 Fixed a bug related to the direct connect process to Trident related to reads from the backup system.
09/20/17 Fixed a bug with GRU live uploads.
09/20/17 Improved the XC announcer options screen to give better detail about the impact of the division that is selected.
09/20/17 Updated the Update -> Participant to turn on the "select on entry" setting for first and last name.
09/13/17 Enhanced the XC finish list to allow limiting the list to a certain count of finishers.
09/13/17 Enhanced the Results Kiosk to pull the relay team name from RSU.
09/13/17 Corrected a bug in the printed version of the detail team report for races with splits.
09/13/17 Enhanced label creation to allow skipping to a specific label on the first page for "Team Name Only" labels.
09/13/17 Corrected an issue with the assignment of top finishers when the race is configured to eliminate those on a team from the results.
09/06/17 Fixed a bug when showing bookmarks in a combined html reports for XC races with segments.
09/06/17 Corrections to the announcer screen when pulling from RSU when showing splits by cumulative time.
09/06/17 Fixed minor bug that showed up when you exit the time entry screen after doing an export.
09/06/17 Correction to XC reports when combining divisions.
09/06/17 Corrected an issue with the XC detail team report when produced to HTML and run as a part of the combined reports.
09/06/17 Corrected a bug in the chip assignment import for Trident UHF systems.
09/06/17 Enhanced the XC announcer screen to give the option of clearing results when you exit the Options screen. This can be used between races.
09/06/17 Added an option to the XC announcer screen for not showing the Time column.
08/30/17 Cross country improvement.  When importing chip results for someone with a finish in a different race, you now get these problems listed in a report instead of a prompt for each exception.
08/30/17 Bug correction in printed 4 segment overall finish list
08/30/17 Enhancement to the Direct Athletics participant import.
08/30/17 Enhanced the "Catch Up" button in the XC announcer screen to also update and display team scores.
08/30/17 Removed the check that every division need matching male / female age grouping before you can sequence male / female together on the age group report.
08/23/17 Added a scrolling option to 6+ segment races for the overall and age group HTML reports.
08/23/17 Corrected a sequencing problem with the bib/chip assignment export.
08/23/17 Corrected a bug with how timing points are saved when switching a race from a multi segment back to a single segment race.
08/16/17 Corrections around processing of inserted reads on the chip results import screen.
08/16/17 Added GetMeRegistered integration.
08/16/17 Bug correction in pre-reg count by date report.
08/16/17 Enhanced Top Finishers to work for mixed relay team divisions.
08/16/17 Corrected a bug in how average age is calculated for relay teams when the participant data is imported.
08/16/17 Added Race Result Getting Started Guide.
08/16/17 Adding Spreadsheet output to all NICA reports.
08/16/17 Correction to results calculations when attempting to bypass erroneous division records.
08/09/17 Bug correction in Historical Data Report.
08/09/17 Bug correction in XC announcer screen when streaming data from IPICO.
08/09/17 Added a setting the Kiosk screen to make printing the bib number optional.
08/09/17 Corrected the RSU participant data import to only use the Group Bib Number for RD Relay divisions.
08/09/17 Changed the precision for how distances are entered by allowing up to 5 decimal places.
08/09/17 Added the option of showing standard team name in place of city on the team relay pre-reg report.
08/09/17 Added a new option to import chip system overrides where the override is coming from chip system data.
08/02/17 Implemented a new registration import process for GetMeRegistered.com
08/02/17 Minor adjustment to team pre-reg report for better sensing page breaks.
08/02/17 Added a new option to IPICO Direct Connect for races where there is a separate finish line by division.  You can now set All Divisions in Direct Connect.
08/02/17 Adjustments to lap race announcer screen to activate auto cycle after using the Catch Up button.
08/02/17 Enhancement to allow MyLaps csv data where there are blanks ahead of the actual chip code.
08/02/17 Improvements to how RSU Notification settings are managed in RD.  A big warning is thrown up if you attempt to publish RSU results for a race with notifications turned on and the publish is attempted on any day other than the date of the race.
08/02/17 Added a QR capability to participant ID labels when choosing the 2 by 10 layout.
08/02/17 Adjustments to how the columns are named and sequenced for Online Race Results output.
07/26/17 Added an option to show time back on the Overall relay report.
07/26/17 Minor tweak to the RSU give-away matching when importing participants.
07/26/17 Changed generic drop-down responses to a larger font
07/26/17 Modified the bib/chip assignment function to order the cross reference by bib prior to the export.
07/26/17 Added an option to the check mat report asking if you want all participants selected moved to a specific division.
07/26/17 New custom label choice for team finish stickers.
07/26/17 Added a way to temporarily suppress the new split time checking process.
07/19/17 Fine tuning on relay team detail report when number on relay team exceeds the split count.
07/19/17 Added a new setting for RSU results uploads to give a choice of only setting a result as DNF when the participant is forced to DNF.
07/19/17 Correction to the team relay report for the scenario when the bib number is the same for all team member and the Tri with trans setting is used.
07/19/17 Enhancement to IPICO Direct to all auto-save of results data across all connections.
07/19/17 Corrected an issue causing overrides to occur multiple times on the raw data view.
07/19/17 For USAT races where the age calculation date differs from the race date, the HTML and spreadsheet output will have "USAT Age" as the column heading for age.
07/19/17 Added a new setting for RSU results uploads to give the option of assigning a placement for non finishers in the order of splits completed and total time.
07/12/17 Added the ability to show estimated finish time when you use the Lap Race Announcer function for a race with a predetermined number of laps.
07/12/17 Added the ability to cycle through age group categories automatically on the lap race announcer screen.
07/12/17 Added the ability to set cross country scoring displacement rules by division for scenarios where they are not the same across all divisions.
07/12/17 Corrected an issue with how spreadsheet imports deal with mapping on Division Name.
07/12/17 Added USATF number as a choice in the RSU report line templates
07/12/17 Added a scrolling option when running the overall team relay report to HTML.
07/12/17 Correction of bug related to new unknown participants division setup.
07/12/17 Changes for the Kiosk RSU integration to include fractional seconds for splits.
07/12/17 Corrected a problem with check mat processing.
07/12/17 Expanded the team name column on all team relay printed reports.
07/12/17 Minor change to the Raceit import to display the date/timestamp from the previous import.
07/05/17 Race Roster results fine tuning.
07/05/17 Added age and birth date to the BAA export.
07/05/17 Added a spreadsheet output option to the NICA single race report.
07/05/17 Adjusted the Pre Reg Counts by Date report to work in all data formats.
07/05/17 Correction for RSU division results.
06/28/17 Corrected issue with chip times in the combined division reporting.
06/28/17 Added Age Group Description as an additional column to be selected for team detail report when going to spreadsheet.
06/28/17 Opened up the segment setting on the Results 1 tab in Tailor -> Options for lap races.
06/28/17 Added an Excel export to the chip raw data screen.
06/28/17 Correction of a problem related to new way of setting unknown participant divisions.
06/28/17 Added "Swim" as a pace type for single segment races.
06/28/17 Updated the lap results report to work for a 6+ segment lap race - properly aligning relay team members with the each lap.
06/28/17 Modified the Overall and Age Group reports to produce the standard single event reports in a 6+ segment race for divisions with no splits.
06/28/17 Fine tuning on Race Roster results.
06/28/17 Increased the timeout setting for raceit
06/13/17 Corrected a problem with the new setting for auto import for including all TPs.
06/13/17 Added Raw Reads data to the race backup done from the Help -> Support screen.
06/13/17 Correction for how finish times are shown on the announcer screen for Race Result.
06/13/17 Added detection and reporting of split time problems - when the time for a split is a slower time than the time for the previous split.
06/13/17 Added bib number to kiosk application printed results.
06/13/17 Corrected bug in RSU participant import related to the RSU removed participant check.
06/07/17 Added Wave Group as a choice for filtering data on a results report.
06/07/17 Improvements to team relay report to align the correct relay team member with the split they completed.
06/07/17 Added chip raw read data to the standard RD backup and restore processes.
06/07/17 Correction to lap results when adding manual times in races where there are wave starts
06/07/17 Improvements to Lap Results auto import.
06/07/17 Fine tuning for Race Roster results.
06/07/17 Added a new "Settings" button on the Chip Results import for Auto Import.  This avoids the need to answer prompts at the beginning of the auto import cycles.
06/07/17 Put in editing for when race segments are assigned to timing points to insure that the TP definition has enough occurrences defined for the occurrence count being set.
05/31/17 Corrected issues with the automatic bib number assignment when the import has both relay and standard teams.
05/31/17 Corrected the start time for races built at RSU when the wave time is beyond 24 hours.
05/31/17 Adjustments to Race Day Results to enable the USE of macros
05/31/17 Enhanced the USAT spreadsheet output to populate leg times for 3 segment races
05/31/17 Correction to team relay detail report when segment definitions vary by division.
05/31/17 Improvements for importing participants on RSU corporate teams. 
05/31/17 Update to the lap results report to clear out pace when an excessively long lap time causes pace to be more than 1 hour per mile.
05/31/17 Corrected a bug in the RD Kiosk when pulling from RSU.  Bug was related only to those who had a division switch.
05/31/17 Corrected a problem showing all relay members in the pre reg alpha list.
05/31/17 Added logic to the Lap Announcer screen for MyLaps to sense when the data through the TCP-IP stream crosses midnight.
05/24/17 Added the option of importing decimal chip assignments for Trident UHF.
05/24/17 Added an option to the HTML Detail Team report to add a column for division name when running a combined division report.
05/24/17 Corrected the chip results import to respect the division minimum time when attempting to insert new reads that are prior to the last read imported.
05/24/17 Enhancement to Enter Results -> Adjustments to allow minutes in the time to be more than 60 as long as the hour is zero.
05/24/17 Adjustments to the Overall and Age Group reports for bypassing bandits.
05/24/17 Added a check to the CT Live participant data import to warn when imported participants are on a team, but the type of team is not set.
05/24/17 Corrected the display of relay teams on the announcer screen for lap races.
05/24/17 Enhanced the lap results import to accept dates in either MM-DD-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD formats.
05/24/17 Enhanced the chip results import to remember and re-use the response to whether or not to use mylaps reads that are dated prior to the race date
05/24/17 Correction in team scoring to filter out DQ participants.
05/24/17 Added a new button on the Finish Line tab in Tailor -> options to convert wave times to start times.  Useful for video syncing.
05/17/17 Adjustment to the returned chip audit report for MyLaps races where participant data contains personal chip codes.
05/17/17 Corrected a problem that would occur if there are standard timing points defined after check point timing points.
05/17/17 Corrected problem with biathlon reporting where each on a relay team has their own bib numbers.
05/17/17 Corrected a sequencing problem when pushing results to RSU and the race is double dipping and scoring top finishers by gun time.
05/17/17 Corrected the age group and overall reports to report a zero chip difference for top finishers.
05/10/17 Correction needed for when you delete an override for the last split in a race where segment definitions vary by division.
05/10/17 Added an Auto Set button to the segment definition screen for races with 5 or fewer segments (copy of the same button in 6+ races).
05/10/17 Corrected an issue with the index file when publishing RSU results in a race where double dip is set.
05/10/17 Correction for the Overall listing in Race Day Reports.
05/10/17 Added a participant count to the PC Timer screen.
05/10/17 Changed the location of where the Unknown Participants division is set from Tailor - Options to Tailor - Divisions.
05/10/17 Corrections to RD Go race build for races with an empty age calculation date.
05/03/17 Correction to lap results report for races where segment definitions vary by division.
05/03/17 Expanded email validation routine to allow domain extensions beyond 4 positions.
05/03/17 Corrected the sequencing problem on the NICA series report.
05/03/17 Added text substitution options so that emergency contact info can be included in RD emails.
05/03/17 NICA series report correction on printed finish placement.
05/03/17 Added additional checking for when the RSU authentication times out.  An automatic login now occurs when this happens.
04/26/17 Added the ability to use the Lap Race results report for 6+ segment races.
04/26/17 Added a prompt to the RSU button in Update -> participants to allow updating the participant data in RD with participant data from RSU.
04/26/17 Corrected a problem when inserting missed reads on the chip results override screen for the scenario that you want an insert even when the maximum number of splits exist.
04/26/17 Added a prompt asking whether DQ'd participants should be reset when you erase all results.
04/26/17 Added an enhanced HTML option for all team relay overall results reports.
04/26/17 Added a check when importing participant data from a spreadsheet to skip rows where every column is empty.
04/26/17 Enhanced the check mat report to handle the case where there is no check mat read for someone who is a finisher in the race.
04/26/17 Temporary change for RR problem.
04/26/17 Removed the SMTP email option from Reports -> Labels / Export.
04/19/17 Race Roster results fine tuning.
04/19/17 Corrected the top finisher split rankings on the age group report.
04/19/17 Created better reports for 3 segment races where you are tracking splits by total time.  Reports changed to not report split 3 as it is redundant WITH the finish result.
04/19/17 Fine tuning of RSU results publishing to speed up publishing for larger events.
04/19/17 Added checking to the RSU participant import to insure that the type of teams imported agree with how RD is set up for teams.
04/19/17 Corrected logic that determines DNF and DNS for a single segment race.
04/19/17 Enhanced the participant data import from spreadsheet to prompt for a bib number range to use when the imported data has one or more rows where bib number is missing.
04/19/17 Fixed problem in age group report when using a data filter and showing multiple divisions not combined.
04/12/17 Enhanced the Overall results output with the RD Go option when you're using report line templates.
04/12/17 Re-established the setting for keeping bandits off results reports in Tailor -> Options -> Finish Line
04/12/17 Enhanced the chip assignment process to not check for a duplicate chip code when an assignment has just been deleted.
04/12/17 Added Year of Birth as a new column choice in report line templates and RSU finish list templates
04/12/17 Corrected a problem in the team version of the laps report.
04/12/17 Corrected a problem with the age group placement re-calibration on the overall results report when combining divisions and double dipping.
04/12/17 Created a new extract that will pull participants from history for any range of years that are not registered in the current race.
04/05/17  Corrected a problem in lap results caused by results remnants from deleted participants.
04/05/17 Changed the RSU participant data import to set up all aggregate teams - even if the team is empty.
04/05/17 Added an option to the participant data import from RSU to attempt matching based on name and DOB. This is for situations where you get out of sync between RD and RSU.
04/05/17 Corrected a bug with start time TOD when adding as an extrat field to a spreadsheet report output.
04/05/17 Corrected a problem on the Update -> Master Participants screen causing the screen to not refresh
04/05/17 Enhanced the Alpha List to give a count of names selected by beginning letter of the last name
04/05/17 Enhanced the announcer splash message import to allow assignment by registration ID.
04/05/17 Changed the announcer screen to show the age group age span instead of actual age.
04/05/17 Corrected a bug sending lap results to RSU for races with relay team divisions.
03/22/17 Improved the general lookup by name to also include relay team members.
03/22/17 Changes to implement better flow direction control for participant data in RSU races.
03/22/17 Updated the chip results import to also check for Trident BS reads.
03/15/17 Correction to getting relay team name for everyone when exporting data where relay teams have different bibs for each participant.
03/15/17 Lap race calcuaitons correction.
03/15/17 Added the ability to the email send screen to associate a bib number with manually entered email addresses
03/15/17 Chronotrack enhancement to allow for adding bib / chip assignments for the exceptions for races where most chip assignments match the bib number.
03/15/17  Modified the RSU results publishing to send the timing company name and URL from Tailor -> Opitons as the results source.
03/15/17 NICA - added point bracket zero for divisions where points are not to be awarded.
03/15/17 Correction to Lap Race reporting.
03/15/17 NICA - removed gender from report headings.
03/07/17 Correction to Online Race Results output for races where the segment definition varies by division.
03/07/17 Ehnancements to Direct FTP connection to Trident readers on the chip results import screen.
03/07/17 Corrections to team relay reports for races where the segment count varies by division.
03/07/17 Trident Improvements - added an "Auto Fill" button for the UHF system bib / chip assignments.
03/07/17 Correction to a problem caused when importing both relay and standard teams from RSU.
03/07/17 Finish Lynx correction to the .evt file.
03/07/17 Cross Country improvement.  When running a single division report, eliminated the gender prompt when all in the division reported are the same gender.
03/07/17 Improvements to MyLaps Direct Connect.
03/07/17 Correction to lap results calcs when initial time is the start time.
03/01/17 Added processing to eliminate repeatedly prompting about skipped chip reads (for unknown chips on the chip results import screen).
03/01/17 Correction to RaceClock output from kiosk screens.
03/01/17 Added a jersey logo for points leader to the NICA reports. Also, added a symbol next to the time for those with a penalty.
03/01/17 Changed the prompt to a warning on the age group awards list for when the division is set with no age groups having awards.
03/01/17 Implementation of a new Direct Connect app for race result.
03/01/17 Adjustments to the NICA reports to allow division jumpers to be reported correctly when selecting multiple divisions in the same report.
03/01/17 Correction to Report Lists when using data filters.
03/01/17 New setting in Tailor -> Options for when you score top finishers by gun time.  You can now specify that you still want to show the chip time (offset by the start time) in the results reports.
02/22/17 Enhanced the distance check process to prompt when attempting to switch someone who has a finish result.
02/22/17 Adjustment for race result change with date field in the passings data.
02/22/17 Added an option for imported participant "Add" data that matches an existing participant's bib number.  You now have the choice to update the data in RD with the imported data.
02/22/17 Corrected bug with Options setting on Announcer screen for lap races.
02/22/17 Added a browse button to the Tailor -> Divisions screen for getting a grid of participants in that division.
02/22/17 Added RD Go as an output option to the Overall Results report for for single segment races.
02/22/17 Lap Results RSU processing - added age group and gender division posting.
02/22/17 Improvements to lap race kiosk. Connection to RSU printing of split detail.
02/15/17 When posting results to RSU, we are now using the RD settings related to fractional seconds when sending time data.
02/15/17 Added the ability to pull participant  / results data from RSU for the Lap Race kiosk screen.
02/15/17 Corrected a bug when importing relay teams from RSU where teams with the same team name but different team numbers were not getting separated properly onto the correct teams.
02/15/17 Corrected a bug in the predicted pace report.
02/15/17 Corrections to the Kiosk screen designed for lap races.
02/15/17 Major change to allow mapping multiple RD divisions to a single RSU Event and using a custom question response as the means of mapping to RSU.
02/15/17 Leader Board fix for when the Catch Up button is used with the auto-cylcle activated.
02/08/17 Corrected a problem with RSU publishing for 6+ segment races where there is not yet a finisher.
02/08/17 Added email address to attributes tracked for the race director in Tailor -> Options.
02/08/17 Corrected an issue with the Catch Up button on the standard race announcer screen.
02/08/17 Corrected an issue with the Catch Up button on the standard race announcer screen.
02/08/17 Corrected a bug when importing Race Results from multiple chip read data files in a single import.
02/01/17 Added the choice of selecting pre-penalty finish time to the report line templates.
02/01/17 Added a way to clear previous Active Category mappings when importing participants form Active.com
02/01/17 Corrected a problem with showing Time Back on the overall finish list for a 3 segment race.
02/01/17 Corrected a problem when importing ART system start times.
02/01/17 Corrected an issue with IPICO Direct Connect when you have a check mat in a single segment race.
01/25/17 Added the option of presenting the list on the chip results import screen at either to the top of the list or the bottom
01/25/17 Updated the Active.com participant import to ask about ignoring participants without a bib number assignment.
01/25/17 Added bib number to the attendance report for series where a common bib number is used.
01/25/17 Added setting of RaceClock finish line clock from running clock on chip results import screen.
01/25/17 Corrected an issue with extra columns in the Overall report when using report line templates.
01/25/17 Added a Bib Number column to the HTML version of the Series report for series where you link by bib number
01/25/17 Enhanced the race results import to recognize bib 99999 as a gun trigger time.
01/18/17 Fixed minor bug when maintaining rept line definitions for RSU result sets.
01/18/17 Fixed minor bug when maintaining rept line definitions for RSU result sets.
01/18/17 Corrected a bug when importing participant data from a spreadsheet.
01/18/17 Fine tuning for how files are opened on the Results app.
01/04/17 Corrected RSU publishing problem.
01/04/17 CT Live import correction.