Race Director 2015 Now Available

The Race Director 2015 is now available!
Click the Buy Now button on the Race Director homepage to purchase the latest version and get started immediately.  Once the page loads, scroll down to the "Other Race Director Payments" section and select the appropriate support plan based on the number of races you are scoring annually. 

2015 Improvements Summary

There are significant improvements in RD 2015 including:

  • Integration with new partners - Race Results chip timing system, ACTIVE Works Endurance online registration, SignMeUp.com online registration and TheDriven.net online registration.
  • Several improvements to the Timing Points added in RD 2014.
  • Data Share no longer needed when using Direct Connect to chip systems.
  • Six Plus Segment Races - you can now configure these complicated races to have a different number of splits by division.
  • RunSignUp Integration - Many, many improvements here as they aggressively pursue a seamless integration with Race Director for synchronizing participant data (both directions) and uploading results that are completely in line with the results you're creating at the race site.
  • GRU Publishing.  It is now possible to upload GRU results directly from the chip results import screen.  This enables you to publish result data to your web server immediately as you are importing chip results data.  

    Please click on Read More for a detailed list of the 2015 Ehancements.  -Roger

The Race Director Version 2015 Improvements in Detail

o New Partnerships. Race Director has added Race Results to the list of supported chip systems. Integrations have also been built to online registration systems SignMeUp.com and TheDriven.net.

o Six Plus Segment Races. You can now use the setting that "Segment Definitions Vary by Division" when you have the race defined as having a maximum of six segments or more.

o IPCIO Direct Connect. The restriction that you must be in "Data Share" mode when running the IPICO Direct Connect process has been lifted.

o Run Sign Up Integration. Added the ability to sync Run Sign Up Super events. Implemented changes for showing rate instead of pace. Added the ability to upload custom fields from Race Director to a mapped Question at Run Sign Up. Added the option for setting the RSU "Preliminary" setting when posting results at their site. Added the ability to publish results in an incremental manner instead of a full refresh each time you publish. When using File -> New to clone a race, if the race being copied is mapped to a RSU Race, you'll prompted for whether or not these mappings should be copied to the new race. Implemented the alignment of Race Director Age Groups and Top Finishers with RSU Divisions. The integration also supports double dipping (top finishers getting age group awards as well). Enabled question responses uploads from RD to RSU when the question type is "S" - Select Box List. Changed the creation point for the Run Sign Up results ID so that this gets created when the RD Division to RSU Event link is made. This is required for when you are using RSU messaging. Changed the results publishing routine to send RSU split results as they occur. Results publishing to RSU is no longer delayed until there is a finish result. Changed the RSU import to recoginze memberships along with custom questions. You can track which memberships a participant has selected in a RD optional data field.

o GRU Data Creation. Added the option of generating GRU data directly from the chip results import process so that results data is pushed to your results server with each chip data import.

o Networked Kiosk Computers. Created a way to run the kiosk computers on a network without the requirement that either the scoring or the kiosk computers be set up in Data Share mode.



o Top Finishers by Gun Time. Changed all of the Age Group and Overall reporting in RD to show the chip time for top finishers - even when they are scored by gun time.

o Overall Results Report. Added an option to overall results to print only those with at least one split result when using the setting for showing non finishers. Changed to use the age group description instead of "M 30-35" if it's for a division that has only a single 0-99 age group for each gender.

o Chip Results Import. Added a report to the chip results import process. When you're importing times that are inserted ahead of the last time imported, you now have the option of seeing all of the inserted times in a report. Removed the "Secondary Trigger" prompts in the chip results import in races where wave groups have not been defined.

o Series Report. Added an option to the series report to also take into consideration the number of races the person competes in to break ties when determining the finish order. Added the ability to have top finishers jump to higher categories when running the Age Group version of the Series report. Modified the report to re-calibrate the participant's age group for all races selected to correspond to the age group definition of the race that is active when you run the report.

o Lap Results. Added an option to the Lap Report to allow you to produce a list by fastest single lap. Improved the HTML output for "Fastest Lap" reporting when there is team relay. The relay team member with the fastest lap time is shown in bold.

o USAT Extracts. Made changes to bring the output of GRU data for USAT races compliant with

their 2014 requirements. Added rows for relay team members. You must allocate two optional data

fields for the USAT numbers for relay team members 2 and 3.
o GRU Improvements. Added a column for the name of each relay team member when creating a

GRU file for team relay divisions.
o Report Line Definitions. Added optional summary fields, USAT number and USATF number to

the fields that can be selected when creating a report line template.
o Team Results. When teams are scored by age group placement and you have Top Finishers bands configured for the race, the reporting process now automatically re-calculates the age group placements - moving the top finishers back into their respective age group.

o Team Packet Report. Added the option of creating a summary list of counts by division for each team on the Team Packet Pickup report.

o Series Report. Updated the Series report to get the correct result when a race in the series has varying segment setup by division.

o Race Progress Report. Enhanced to allow printing across all race segments in a single report.

o Announcer Screen. Extended the maximum lines you can see on the Announcer screen from 20 to 55. This applies only to when you are connected to a chip system and are in "projection mode".  Added the option to allow an Optional Data Field as a substitute for show the city of the participant. 

o GRU Output. When selecting additional GRU output fields, added Time of Day choices for start, split and finish times.


Results Processing

o Intermediate Splits. Improved the pace calculation to adjust the distance when the previous spilt was missed so that the pace calculation uses the total distance including all missed splits.

o Chip Results Import. Added the ability to edit certain participant data directly on the Chip Results import screen. A option for this is now given when you select someone from the list showing on this screen. Added a button to the Chip Results import screen for showing the count of reads by occurrence when the timing point is set up for 2 or more occurrences. Added a setting on the chip results screen to allow for processing LAST reads instead of FIRST reads when importing results for splits or finish times. This setting is available only for timing points that have a single occurrence. Put in a new edit for Timing Points were you have multiple occurrences. The import will now automatically ignore an initial read where the net time (including wave offset) is less than the gap factor you have defined for the Timing Point. There is an import setting to allow these reads, but the default setting will be that this flag is un-checked. Added a spot to specify the maximum net time value for a first occurrence read. If the net time for an occurrence 1 read is greater that the value entered, the first read automatically becomes occurrence number 2. This is an effective way to force a missed read for occurrence 1 in scenarios where equipment problems result in missed reads.

o Override Processing. Enhanced the Override process for timing points where there are multiple occurrences and one time is missed. Added a choice for the override to be "inserted" which will move all other times up in the occurrence order. Added an option for when you enter overrides by "net time" to allow you to enter them directly relative to the gun time (the wave time is automatically deducted).

o USATF Rounding Rule. Changed how this rule is applied to delay the impact of the rule until times are shown on reports. This allows all calcuations to happen with times still as they were when recorded (including fractional seconds).

o Results Calculations. Changed the calculation process to better store results at the participant level in races where the finish segment is different by division.

o Cross Country Scoring. Extended the reporting in XC races to work for races where you have segment definitions that vary by division.


Live Results

o My-finish.com. Results upload go faster now with the new approach that control is returned to Race Director immediately after the data is received by the my-finish server. No longer does the upload process wait while the server is processing the data. Missing participant data no longer creates an error at my-finish. You will be notified if there are results for participants that have yet to be uploaded to the my-finish server. Personal results data that is printed from a PC browser has been improved.

o RD Results Kiosk. Changed the RD kiosk screens to pull in participant name, gender and city from my-finish - meaning the kiosk computers do not need full participant data. Changed the results kiosk to show the first 5 splits in a 6 Plus segment race. Prior to this change, only the label printer showed split info. Enhanced the Kiosk printed receipt to show pace for split data.

o CT Live. Added results uploads for CT Live races.


Participant Entry

o Finish Results Button. Updated the results that show using the Finish Results button in Update -> Participants to show the age group placement as the top finisher category for top finishers. Enabled finish results on the participant record to show the correct finish results when the number of segments varies by division.

o Security for Participant Names. Added a button in Tailor -> Options on the Participant tab for converting names to First Name / Last Initial for privacy purposes. This is mainly intended for when you publish youth names in Race Director reports. When you select this option, you are given the choice of converting all names or only names for a specified age range.

o Participant Level Wave Times. Added an option to allow setting the participant level wave group code by an Excel spreadsheet where each row has a range of bib numbers and the wave group code you want assigned.

o Entering Email Addresses. An "auto fill" feature has been added to simplify the entry of email addresses for common email domains. You can set up a rule (for example "hot" = "hotmail.com") so that as soon as you type the "t" in "hot", the email address is constructed as "hotmail.com" and you automatically advance to the next field on the participant entry screen.

o Dynamic Bib Assignment Kiosk. Modified this process so that you can show up to 3 optional data fields in the display. Added an "Add Participant" to this screen allowing for the quick setup of a participant directly from the kiosk screen.


Import / Export

o Finish Lynx. Created a standard Finish Lynx Participant data export. This is found under Enter Results -> Chip Systems -> File Create.

o Spreadsheet Imports. Added a new choice for "Last, First Name" when importing participant data from a spreadsheet. This is useful when a single column contains the full name in "Last, First" format.



o Wave Times. Added the ability to maintain the wave times by wave group in a grid when you manage wave times by division or by age group. The times in the grid can be maintained either by time-of-day or by net time.

o Triathlon Swim Pace. Added a new pace type specifically for the swim segment of a multi-sport event. Most often, swim pace is expressed as time per 100 meters or yards. Now, when you select a pace type of "Swim" you can express the distance in the number of 100 yards or meters for the swim and the pace will come out as either x.xx/HM or x.xx/HY.

o Participant Level Waves. Added Wave Group Code as a standard field on the participant record. Implemented a better way of importing wave group assignments when you have wave starts by participants. Implemented a means of updating the wave times in a grid where there is a row for every wave group in use.

o Corral Waves. Implemented corral wave starts. This is a method of assigning wave times based on a chip start read as participant enter a corral area just ahead of their actual wave start. While designed primarily for the swim segment of a triathlon, this technique can be used for other types of races as well.

o Bib / Chip Assignments. Added a "Swap" button to the bib / chip assignment screen. This button enables you to swap chip codes between two different bib numbers.

o Team Tiebreakers. Added a "Last Scored" choice for the tie-breaker options in team scoring. With this choice, when you score through 5 team finishers, the fastest 5th team member will break the tie.

o Division Finish Lines. Added an edit when importing chip results when you have a separate finish line for each division. If the result is for a participant that does not match the gender and age requirements as is defined with the "Division Limits" on the Age Group setup screen, the result is bypassed. This is very useful for situations such as bypassing male reads encountered for a girls cross country division.


Labels / Email

o Team Name Labels. Added the option of producing these labels by team name instead of by team number.

o Lap Race Emails / Results Cards. When you generate emails or results cards for lap races, there are substitution parameters now for number of laps (#!Q), total time (##C) and total pace (##D).

o Wave Offset Labels. Added wave group code to the standard wave group label. Miscellaneous

o Random Drawing. Added a "Select Data" button to the Random Draw process which enables you to filter the participant data to only those you want to select from. Added the option of showing the team name in place of the city.

o File -> Download Update. Added a step at the end of the update download process to automatically shut down Race Director and run the update.