Race Director 2010 Enhancement List

Version 2010 Enhancement List

  • ChronoStore -  Added a new integration process for ChronoTrack allowing multiple simultaneous connections for streaming results.  ChronoStore is the conduit enabling SimpleClient to constantly stream data into Race Director in a way that allows you to avoid the tedious file transfer process of importing results.
  • Disqualification Process - Added a "Disqualify" button to the Enter Results -> Adjustment screen.  In a multiple segment race you choose the segment or segments for which the participant is to be disqualified from.  You also specify whether or not a disqualified participant's time is shown on the results reports.  On the age group results report, the DQ participants sink to the bottom of their age group and their age group finish position is replaced by the literal "DQ".  On the overall results report, DQ participants sink to the bottom and their overall finish position number is replaced by the literal "DQ".

  • Scrolling Results Kiosk - The results kiosk screen has been completely re-designed to show finish results in a row format and scroll the screen as new bib numbers are entered.  The screen allows for selecting which results data elements to show and allows for making the font size as large as the display used will allow.

  • Cross Country Reporting - Major changes to cross country reporting.  Changed to make the sequencing the same for all reports: gender, division, team class.  Reporting headings have been cleaned up and made consistent across all reports.  You can now generate any combination of the finish list, summary results and detail results as a single report.  When you generate a combined report to HTML, you can create a table of contents with hyperlinks to the various report sections.

  • MyLaps - Added full integration with the Mylaps (ChampionChip) ToolKit software.



  • Enhanced the "Post Race" Overall List to show chip time when the race is scored by chip time.
  • Enhanced the GRU Results option on the Overall Results report to automatically FTP the file each time it is created.

  • Enhanced the Overall Results report to make any combination of showing age, gender and age group result possible.

  • Team Relay Results - Added a new option when printing team relay results when 3 person teams compete in a triathlon with transitions.  The new option will ignore the transitions and associate the segment 1 results with relay member 1, segment 3 results with relay member 2 and segment 5 results with relay member 3.

  • Added the ability to show the team relay member's name on the Overall Results report when selecting a single segment from a multiple segment race.

  • Enhanced the "Age Group Counts" report to have the option of whether or not to show a count of total award winners.

  • Added USAT and USATF numbers to the list of fields that have text substitution codes - used in results cards and email message texts.

  • Made pace optional on overall team relay reports.

  • New Report - If you have bib number ranges by division,  you can now print a report showing the unassigned bib numbers.  There is a new button named "Unassigned" on the Tailor - Divisions screen for running this report.

  • Scrolling Results Kiosk Label Printer - Added an option to the Results Kiosk to generate a results summary to a label printer.

  • Added a ChronoStore and direct ChronoTrack connection to the Results Kiosk to enable d-tag scanning.

  • Cleaned up more of the HTML results report to insure the name field is wide enough and that bib number is on all reports.

  • Added an HTML option to the Team Relay registration report.

  • For "chip format" overall and age group report, you can now eliminate the column for "Chip Difference" from the report.

  • Added an option to the cross country finish list for situations where the individual qualifiers are determined by their finish position only.

  • Added an option to both the age group and overall results report so that you can replace city with any of the optional data fields.

  • Modified the GRU output to generate team relay name in place of first / last name when that setting is active on the report dialog screen.

  • Added a means of specifying your own column headings for GRU results output files.  This is found on the Overall Results report dialog screen.

  • Enhanced the data filtering capabilities on the Age Graded Results report.  


Results Processing

  • Added a process to Chip Results to use the PC clock to set the gun time.

  • Changes necessary to accommodate the new file formats coming from Winning Time.

  • Enhanced the team scoring processing to make it easier to develop custom scoring routines.

  • Added a method of specifying "over-rides" for chip results - which would normally be used to insert missed reads in to the results processing in a way where they are not lost on subsequent chip data imports.

  • On the Chip Results Import, allow selecting the "n-th" occurrence chip reads even on a single segment race.  This allows for reading finish times when you have both start and finish times in the import file.

  • Changed the IPICO results import to recognize the "Time Stamps" coming from the Elite reader as a gun time or a wave offset signal.  If there is no gun time set for the race at the time of the import, you have the option of a time stamp signal automatically becoming the gun time.   If a time stamp record is encountered after the gun time, you are advised of the time span from the gun time so that you can use this as a wave offset factor.

  • Multiple Occurrence Chip Reads and Team Relay - The function related to importing an "n-th" occurrence from a chip results file was enhanced to properly deal with team relay where each team relay members use unique bib / chip numbers.  Take a single transition mat in a triathlon as an example.  When the relay team member in has a different chip than the relay member out, the relay member out will be properly recognized as the second read for the relay team.

  • Added a "2nd Occurrence" option to the chip system Direct Connect screen.  This will enable specifying two different Race Director Segment points to the same mat.  Designed primarily for scenarios where a single mat is used to record both the in and the out time for a biathlon / triathlon transition area.

  • Added the ability to assign ChronoStore locations to Race Director segments by the lap count.

  • For importing times from devices such as the Time Machine, Sprint 8 and Chronomix, you can now specify a comm port up to 99.

  • Enhanced the PC Timer to also save times to a backup file.  Enhanced error messages when data is not saved to the specified data path.

  • Enhanced the Lap Results process to pull from chip system direct connections.

  • Softened the valid chip code editing to allow any ChampionChip code beginning with a number to be considered a legal, single use chip code.

  • Added a new capability to the chip import process - distance check.  This is for scenarios where you have a read point that would only be crossed for participants in a division of a specific distance.  If any participant has a read at this point and are not in a division with the specified division, they will be automatically switched to a division of your choosing. 


Participant Entry

  • Improved the mixed case conversions to only apply the "Mc" and "Mac" rules on last name.

  • Expanded the size of the check number field from 6 to 15 positions.

  • Mixed and Upper Case Toggle - Added a button at the top of the Update -> Participants screen where you can toggle off and on the mixed or upper case setting.  This is useful especially for situations where the mixed case result is not what you want for a specific participant's last name.

  • Updated the "transfer" process in Update -> Participants to eliminate gaps in bib numbers when transferring a block of bib numbers to a different bib number range.

  • Changed the process where a permanent bib number is tracked on the master participant file so that when you add a participant to a race you can do so by entering the bib number - or, if you select from the master participant file by name, their permanent bib number will automatically populate.

  • IPICO Improvement - you can now track a "permanent chip code" directly on the master participant file.  There is integration on the Update -> Participants screen where you can scan the chip code using the registration reader for both the original assignment and to pull previously assigned participants from the master participant file.

  • The screen shown when using the "Finish Results" button in Update -> Participants has been updated to show lap results.


Import / Export

  • Added "First / Last Name" as a field that can be included in an Export file.

  • Duplicate names - The prompt showing that you have duplicate master participant records with the same name when adding participants to the race file now also shows the birth date for each participant.

  • Added the choice of First / Last or Last / First on name when printing labels.



  • Changed where Mixed Gender team setup is done from the team level to the team classification level.

  • Enhanced bib-chip assignment screen to better position the list after chip number updates.

  • Optional Data Field Values - Added the ability to set up to 50 valid values for a single optional data field.  Once you set valid values, the optional data field will turn into a drop-down box on the Update -> Participants screen - where only the valid values are given as a choice.

  • Enhanced the Bib / Chip assignment screen so that you can now specify how many chips to assign per bib.  When set to more than one, the bib number will not increment by 1 until all assignments have been entered / scanned.

  • When setting up age groupings and inserting a single age grouping the description is automatically generated on the screen based on your entries for gender, low age and high age.

  • Added a new field called "Trigger Code" on the Division and Age Group update screens.  This code can be assigned when you have a chip system that will support "triggers" or "markers" within the timing data representing a wave start.  When one of these trigger records is encountered, the results import will calculate the span of time between the initial start of the race and the time associated with the trigger or mark point.  You can then automatically update all of the Division or Age Group wave offset times associated with a specific "trigger code".  The Help system will give a good example of how to use this feature.



Labels / E Mail

  • Added a "Finishers Only" selection to all "Data Select" buttons as an easier alternative to setting the range of finishers to 1 to 99999.

  • When you select to sort labels or an export file by zip code, address is now the secondary sort.  Previously the secondary sort was last name.  This results in consecutive records even when the last name of a household member is different.



  • Expanded the size of the name and city fields on the Announcer screen.  Widened the entire screen.

  • Master Participant Sync Correction.  Prior to this correction, the optional data field contents came into the race data from the master participant data on a race restore even if the "track on master participant file" setting in Tailor -> Options for that optional data field was un-checked.

  • Added a new "Maintenance" menu option to enable the removal of gaps in assigned bib numbers.

  • Upgraded the announcer, chip return process and registration kiosk to catch team relay members when each have their own bib numbers.