Race Director Mid Year Update

Upcoming Conference.  Join us in Philadelphia for the Third Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium on July 18-20.  This year's conference will again include Customer Race Presentations and RunSignUp Employee Demos.  The conference is designed for both timers and race directors.  There will be a half day session devoted to Race Director where many of the latest 2016 enhancements (see below) will be highlighted.

Recent Race Director 2016 Enhancements.  There have been several rather significant updates to Race Director 2016 in recent months.  Click on Read More below to review the details.

  1. Chip System Auto Import / Publish.  A new "Auto Import" setting has been added to the Chip System import screen.  Using this setting allows you to put the chip read import process into an automatic cycle allowing for unattended results import / live results publishing.  When in Auto Import mode, the imports proceed through each timing point defined for the race.  Upon the completion of the import for the final timing point an automatic results publish occurs if your race is configured for RSU, CT Live, my-finish or GRU uploads.
  2. IPICO TUHF System.  Race Director is capable of importing results data from the new IPICO TUHF system.  There is a new setting for this reader in Tailor -> Options on the Chip Systems tab.
  3. Trident UHF System.  The Trident UHF reader has also been added as a supported chip system.
  4. RSU Report Templates.  You can now control the finish list grid that shows for RSU live results.  Using a process similar to Race Director report line templates, you can control both the columns and the sequence of the columns for the finish list link.
  5. Cross Country Live Results.  A web-enabled "live" team list will be available for the 2016 cross country screen.  This will enable you to monitor the team scores in real time - finisher by finisher - from a URL link.

Race Day Scoring.  Work has begun on Race Day Scoring.  This is the system that will (after a few years) become the replacement for Race Director.  A design kick-off meeting was held in May to begin this process.  This is a very big undertaking and we're off to a great start.  Currently, we are working on how to sequence the work around simple race scenarios and general race day tools.  The new product will be known as "Race Day Scoring" and "Race Director" will become "Race Director PC".  Having a system that will work with or without an internet connection is one of the biggest design challenges.  At first, Race Director PC will be required for scoring your race without an internet connection. Strengthening the current Race Director / RSU integration points will continue to be a major priority.