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The Race Director

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System Features

The Race Director - Sample Reports

Select from below to see examples of representative Race Director reports. Besides the standard reports, custom reports, specific to your individual needs can be created. Additionally, data is easily exported from the system in all of the popular formats (Text, Delimited Text, dBase, Lotus, Excel, etc.) so that you can easily create your own reports.

Statistics About Your Race Pre-Registration Report Prior Year Results
Pre-Race Participant List Age Group Report Overall Results
Triathlon Finish Report Personal Results email Team Finish Report

The Race Director - Sample HTML Reports

Select from below to see examples of representative Race Director HTML reports.

Pre race alpha list Prior Year Results Overall Results
Overall - Triathlon Age Group Report Age Group Triathlon

The Race Director - Sample Windows Screens

Here is a small sampling of how the screens look.

Age Group Setup Participant Entry
System Tailoring Results Adjustments

Pricing - $495US

Price includes conversion of any participant data available from prior year races. Includes unlimited telephone and e-mail support. Includes changes to the system (within reason) to meet your races specific requirements.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  1. Download the entire system at no cost (see Downloads). Try out the system to make sure that your race's requirements are met. The only restriction to the demo is the number of participants allowed per race(20).
  2. Let me know what requirements you have that are not met by the system. There is a good chance that your needs can be satisfied with no additional cost.
  3. Send me any data you have on participants from prior year or other local races. Your participant master will be built from this data at no additional cost.
  4. Phone and e-mail support is un-limited. Race day support is available, but must be pre-arranged.

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Last modified: February 17, 2010