Extended Support Customers

Race Director Version 2017

This page is only for those who have subscribed for Extended Support.  Installing Race Director 2017 will immediately put you into "Demo" mode unless you are activated for this version by having an Extended Support subscription. 

If you have a version of Race Director prior to Race Director 2017, use Control Panel to un-install it.  Then, use the link below run the 2017 Full Install.  If you are already on RD 2017, proceed to the 2017 Update.

 2017 Full Install

  1. Select the "2017Full.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
  2. After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.

    Run or download this file: 2017Full.exe

 2017 Update

  1. Select the "Update.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
  2. After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.

    Run or download this file: Update.exe


Version 2017 Enhancements

01/18/17 Major enhancements to the RD announcer function including - addition of a running clock, a completely separate Leader Board application that runs connected to but independantly from the RD Announcer screen, automatically cycling the leader board through all age categories.
01/18/17 Added a choice to change RD divisions to match up with RSU Events when a mismatch is detected when exiting Tailor -> Divisions.
01/18/17 Added a "Settings" button for lap races with live results at RSU to control preliminary results setting.
01/18/17 Adjustment to chip override imports to allow Finish Lynx times that are under 1 minute.
01/18/17 Added a way of assigning wave groups on finish time imports.
01/18/17 Changes related to integrating RaceClock to kiosk screen.
01/18/17 Added Race ID to GRU data for data going to Race Entry.
01/04/17 Enhanced the annnouncer leader board to increase the number of top finishers displayed as you specify an increasing number of rows in the announcer list.
01/04/17 Added a new setting to the RSU results publishing to allow the option of sending disqualified participants.
01/04/17 Enhanced the Pre-Reg Counts by Date report to allow for filtering the data to a range of years from race history.
01/04/17 Enhanced the GRU publishing with a new choice to include registration ID as a separate column in the data.
01/04/17 Added a setting on the results kiosk to allow printing even for DNF participants.
12/27/16 Enhanced the pre reg alpha list to allow any optional data field to substitute for city.
12/20/16 Coordinated the Top Finisher gender references with the gender reference choice used for age group descriptions.
12/20/16 Added the ability to show top finisher categories on the age group report in a lap race.
12/20/16 Additional HTML settings to control report heading font sizes
12/20/16 Enhanced the chip read auto import process to also give the option of importing start times.
12/13/16 Added Time Back as a new column on the Lap Results report.
12/13/16 Added a new option to the "Suspicious Lap Times" report to show "negative times" (when current lap is faster than last lap)
12/13/16 Added new options on the HTML settings to control the size of the header bands at the beginning of RD reports
12/07/16 Added the Series report to the list of custom RSUreports.
12/07/16 Enhanced the results kiosk to reference the tailoring option about ranking by cumulative or segment and show the appropriate split times based on that setting.
12/07/16 Added output to the TuPODIO display from the results kiosk - customer request.
11/30/16 Added RSU custom report choices for predicted time, age grade results, team results and overall finish lists.
11/30/16 Added Predicted time as a selectable column for RSU result sets.
11/16/16 Enhanced Update -> Participants to warn that only team captain will get transferred if you change the division for a relay team to a non relay division.
11/16/16 Added an "Omit T Shirt" setting when producing Participant ID labels.
11/16/16 Major improvements to the Cross Country reporting for running reports in "dual meet" mode.
11/16/16 Increased the size of the online registration ID field from 10 to 20.
11/08/16 Enhanced the RSU upload to send custom question responses for questions in the Checkbox format at RSU.
11/08/16 Enhanced the chip results import to better deal with times that are "pre-wave"
11/08/16 Enhanced the pre race Year by Year report to work for races where the number of splits changes from year to year.
11/08/16 Added Agee Race Timing to choices for chip scoring.
11/02/16 Added USAC (USA Cycling) number as a standard participant data element.  Similar to how USAT and USATF numbers are managed.
11/02/16 Enhancement to the Update -> Participants screen to allow participant name entry first name followed by last name.
11/02/16 Enhancement to NICA series to all race bonus.
10/26/16 Enhanced TFRRS reporting to work for multiple divisions when the split count varies by division.
10/26/16 Enhanced the Cross Country finish list to allow selecting multiple divisions even if the selected divisions have a varying number of splits.
10/26/16 Added a customer specific results import for CrossMgr Impinj data
10/26/16 Enhanced the chip code list to show all chips in races where individuals are assigned multiple chips.
10/26/16 Improved the lap results import to not prompt about pre-gun reads when in  auto import mode.
10/19/16 Added a "Swap" button to the chip results override screen for swapping times between two finishers.
10/19/16 Added a prompt when starting a new year from history asking if teams from the previous year should be deleted.
10/19/16 Added the ability to specify report footer and timing company info by race.
10/19/16 Enhanced the Open Race and New Race functions to better ensure that current race is properly closed down.
10/19/16 Enhanced the Series report with a new setting to not show age.
10/12/16 Improvement to speed the chip results screen refreshes when you have separate finish lines by division.
10/12/16 Added further checking for lap races on the max laps setting in Tailor -> Divisions
10/05/16 Improvements to the sensing of a server timeout when uploading participants to RSU.
09/28/16 Added Announcer screens to Race Day Results.
09/28/16 Changed the XC Finish List HTML to hide split columns when less than 3.
09/28/16 Added rr Connector integration for the Announcer screen for race results timers.
09/28/16 Enhanced the chip results import screen to remember the "Use Last Read" setting by timing point.
09/28/16 Enhancement of lap results report for single lap reporting.  Enhanced to re-calibrate age group based on team relay member doing the lap.
09/28/16 Enhanced the Single Lap version of the lap results report to give the option of showing the corresponding relay team member.
09/21/16 Enhanced the Team Registration report to include a column for division when running a combined division report for cross country races.
09/21/16 Added anyone in a DNF state to show on the NICA reporting, including those forced as DNF.
09/21/16 Enhanced the RSU results to work when double dipping in top finishers, but not doubling into age groups.
09/14/16 Added the ability to suppress showing age group placement when publishing RSU results.
09/14/16 Changed the Overall and Age Group summary lap report to show the lap reported when in "Single Lap" mode.
09/14/16 Added a header row to the bib / chips assignmentfile when you create and export from RD.
09/14/16 Added a new method for creating Finish Lynx data.  The new process automatically saves .evt, .sch and .ppl data when exiting any RD screen where this data may have been modified.
09/14/16 Added race result output as a choice in PC Timer.
09/14/16 Enhanced the Announcer screen startup to sense the gun time set in IPICO Direct Connect.
09/14/16 Improvement to file selection processes for Fin Lynx files when importing into Overrides.
09/14/16 Enhanced the NICA Series report to show up to 5 laps
09/07/16 Increased the maximum number of days allowed for importing times for lap races from 3 to 4 days.
09/07/16 Modifications to the NICA series team reports to allow multiple team classifications for Division 1 and Division 2 reporting.
09/07/16 Changes to RD import related to 2016 changes in the Direct Athletics interface.
09/07/16 Added the option to print team labels with bar code on 2x10 labels.
09/07/16 Cleaned up cursor movement on Team Classification update screen.
08/31/16 Major change to how HTML logos are set including the option to have 3 logos (left, center, right) and specify whether logos are race specific or cross race.
08/31/16 Changed the setting on the age group report where you want to sequence male / female age groups together to produce a prompt when there is an imbalance between male and female age groups
08/31/16 Updated the CT Live import to strip non digit characters from phone numbers.
08/31/16 Added "Predicted Pace" to CT Live import.
08/24/16 Added an Awards List option in Tailor -> Divisions.  This report shows the count of awards and number registered by award category.
08/24/16 Enhanced the Active.com import to remember the Active Event to RD Division mappings.
08/17/16 Added a compressed option for the XC Registration report when run with the page break by team option.
08/17/16 Added the ability to generate the XC finish list for dual meet team combinations.
08/17/16 Added the ability to show top finishers on the Team Relay age group report.
08/17/16 New "Auto Fill" button on the Bib / Chip assignment screen - designed for IPICO TUHF system.
08/10/16 Added team number to predicted time reporting.
08/03/16 Enhancements to the bib / chip cross reference FOR IPICO TUHF - expanding the decimal chip code from 5 to 7 digits
08/03/16 Added a way of supressing the "All Male" and "All Female" divisions for RSU results.
08/03/16 Strengthened the editing of IPICO read data to bypass any records with improperly formed day codes.
08/03/16 Enhanced the participant data spreadsheet import to give division name mapping choices for only division names contained in the file being imported.
08/03/16 Added a BAA export function to the Overall results report.
08/03/16 Modification to create RSU Results Divisions initially at RD Go race creation and update these when RD age groups or top finisher categories change.
07/27/16 Increased the precision on lap distances from 3 to 5 decimal places.
07/27/16 Created a new Timing Point setting to designate a TP as a check mat.  Several new reports for showing check mat detail.
07/20/16 Incorporated USAT number into RD from Active.com
07/20/16 Added a CSV import option to the wave group maintenance screen.
07/13/16 Eliminated the success prompt for my-finish races when publishing results.
07/13/16 Changed the splash message import in the announcer options from Excel to CSV.
07/06/16  Change to results kiosk to send relay team name to the printed output.
07/06/16 Changed chip import to allow a gun time that is greater than 24 hours
07/01/16 Developed first version of Race Day Reports.  Age group report has been implemented first.
07/01/16 Changed the lap results manual updates to keep bib number filtering remembered when making changes.
07/01/16 Added a "Publish to RSU" setting to lap results.
07/01/16 Added the XNote Stopwatch to the Enter Results ->Time Entry import.
07/01/16 Added Penalty as an extra field available when doing spreadsheet output.
07/01/16 Added Total Distance to lap race GRU data.
07/01/16 Added 2 extra lines for footer when printing Kiosk Results.
07/01/16 Aggregate team integration with RSU, including posting team results.
07/01/16 Added count of chip assignments to the display on the Chip Assignment screen.
07/01/16 Major Change - Added Trident UHF System as a supported reader.
07/01/16 Added Tomato Timer to both the Overrides Import on the chip results screen and as a choice in Enter Results -> Time Entry.
07/01/16 Added age and gender to the HTML and spreadsheet report for team relay.
07/01/16 Converted all team reports to better HTML.
07/01/16 Added ability to create new teams in "process as changes" participant data spreadsheet import.
07/01/16 Updated the 3 segment overall report to print in Landscape mode when total pace, age grade or time back columns are required.
07/01/16 Added "Wave Offset" as an additional column to add when producing GRU data from the Overall Results report.
07/01/16 Added a setting for relay teams where you have unique bib numbers to not allow results in consecutive splits for the same bib number.
07/01/16 Added CT Live Bracket setting to the team relay setup.  This will map the relay teams imported from CT to the matching division in RD.
07/01/16 Created a new support screen which is found under the Help menu.
07/01/16 Created a new participant list on the bib / chip assignment screen allowing you to show all chip assignments or only participants with a missing assignment.
07/01/16 Created a new screen to manage the settings for when  you do an import of chip system overrides.
07/01/16 Added better detection of when RD Index files may have been damaged.  When damaged index files are detected, they are automatically fixed.
07/01/16 Moved Random Draw report from Maintenance to Reports menu.
07/01/16 Enhanced the RSU Division lists to sort by gun or chip time as configured in RD.
07/01/16 Added a way of deleting RSU participant imports directly from RD.
07/01/16 Enhanced the RSU Reg ID resets to not reset the IDs for participants originating at RSU.
07/01/16 Enhanced the RD Kiosk screen to have a different view for cross country.
07/01/16 Added the ability to manage RSU list templates.
07/01/16 Added the ability to control RSU notification settings from RD.
07/01/16 Improved the IPICO Elite FTP process to not prompt for the file name.
07/01/16 Major Change - Implemented the IPICO UHF system.
07/01/16 Added the ability to import relay teams from RSU when the bib number is different for each team member.
07/01/16 Implemented a new process to show participants that have a RSU registration ID out of sync with what is at RSU.
07/01/16 Added tools to correct RSU registration ID sync problems to the RSU button in Update -> Participants.
07/01/16 Added a way of reserving specific bib numbers from use in the bib number reassignment process.
07/01/16 Enhanced the RSU import to handle both relay teams and standard teams in the same import.
07/01/16 Added the ability to set the RSU results contact email on the Partner tab in Tailor -> Options.
07/01/16 Expanded length allowed for realy team name from 45 to 60
07/01/16 Changed the Announcer screen to not show anyone with a time less than the division minimum.
07/01/16 Major change - added an "Auto Import" button to the chip results import screen.
07/01/16 Changed "Eliminate Bandits on Results" report to be  automatically un-checked if the race has a separate division for bandits.
07/01/16 Changed the Partner setup screen to show the number who have opted in for RSU messaging.  Also added warnings when projected notifications are near or over available.
07/01/16 Changed the chip read import checking for div switches to ignore anyone who already has a finish time.
07/01/16 Added Backup and Restore options to the chip override screen.