Race Director 2015 Change Log

Race Director 2015 Changes
11/28/15 1) Corrected the spreadsheet participant data import for a problem related to RSU and CT Live registration ID assignments.
2) Corrected the chip results import to properly timestamp all division changes so that the next upload to CT Live or RSU catches the changes.
3) Made an enhancement to the participant data upload to RSU to regogize a birth date in the current year as an invalid birth date.
11/23/15 Corrected problem in XC scoring where DNS teams are in play.
11/15/15 Correction to a recent change in the checking for valid data records from IPICO file imports.
11/12/15 1) Refinement of "Place within Gender" message on Overall and Age Group reports.
2) Correction to pace calculation in RSU results integration for 6+ segment races where pace is based on segment time.
11/09/15 1) Correction to Age Group report for showing chip time on splits.
2) Fixed bug on chip results import screen when re-calibrating times after a gun time change.
11/07/15 1) Updates to the bib assignement routines for imported data.
2) Corrections to skipped segment scoring
10/31/15 1) Added further checking and recovery options for damaged / corrupted data base tables.
2) Added new options for assigning and deleting ChronoStore events.
3) Minor enhancements to cross country reports.
10/19/15 1) Minor XC calcuation fix.
2) Correction of message at the bottom of age group report when showing place within gender.
3) my-finish correction for races where splits vary by division.
10/09/15 1) Fixed problems when using the Chip Audit report to spreadsheet and selecting addtional fields.
2) Enhnaced the bib number assingment process for Active.com imports.
3) Corrected the Team Packet Pickup report PDF output option.
10/01/15 Corrected a problem with the Prior Year Results report for when the history has a mix of chip timed and non chip timed races.

1) Enhanced the spreadsheet import to set up separate teams with the same name when there are multiple classifications.
2) Fixed a problem with the Overall Results Report HtML.  Links at the top of the report were not correct when combining multiple divisions and splitting report by gender.
3) Several adjustments to TFRRS - added the ability to send DNS and DNF.  Corrected how the score on incomplete teams is sent.
4) Correction to Team Summary Report when multiple divisions are selected.

09/22/15 Corrected the participant import from spreadsheet to properly set up multiple teams with the same name when there are multiple team classifications.
09/19/15 Corrected a bug in the Team Summary report.
09/17/15 1) TFRRS - Updated the upload to deal with disqualified participants in the way as prescribed by TFRRS.
2) Added prompt messages when establishing wave offset method to confirm that offset times are subtracted.
3) Corrections to the Announcer screen when displaying optional data fields.
09/08/15 Correction to TFRRS upload for division distances.
09/07/15 1) Enhanced the "All Races" email send and export to also filter data by the "Bad Address" indicator on the master participant record.
2) Corrected problem with calculation process when manually scoring a race with separate finish lines by division.
3) Corrected problem with syncing to RSU timing points when setting the race to a new RSU Race.
09/05/15 Fixed a problem with the results calculation process for non-chip races where you have a separate finish line by division.
08/29/15 1) Minor bug fixes for cross country reporting.
2) Corrected overall results HTML report for 2 segment races to show city/team column.
08/26/15 1) Enhancement to dual meet cross country option on Detail Team Report.
2) Enhanced RaceIt import to map emergency contact info into the new standard RD fields.
08/19/15 1) Update Help System.
2) Corrections to cross country issue caused by adding Relay teams to standard team reporting.
08/10/15 1) Corrected chip time when selecting the Finish Results button in Update -> Participants for a top finisher who is scored by gun time.
2) Corrected the RSU participant data import to include USAT number.
08/08/15 1) Modified the Announcer screen to allow tracking RFID races that cross midnight.
2) Caught up the RD Help system for all RD 2015 features.
3) Added the ability to show relay team name on the standard team reports - for races where you have teams of relay teams.
08/04/15 1) Improved the bib assignment process for imported participant data to deal with team relay where bib numbers are unique across the team
2) Added a Publish Live Results button to Enter Results -> Adjustments for pull tag races.  Implemented for RSU and my-finish.
3) Added checking to sense attempting to switch a pull tag race to chip score after results are entered.
07/30/15 1) Added a checking process to the RSU participant import looking for removed/transferred participants at RSU.  These will be reported and also removed/transferred in RD.
2) Corrected display problem in Update -> Participants.
3) Corrected bugs in XC reports related to team filtering by gender.
4) Corrected bug related to the recently added linked division processing for RSU.
07/27/15 1)  Added RSU Linked Division capability.
2)  Corrected page break bug on Lap Result report.
3)  Added Total Distance as substitution parameter for emails sent for lap races.
4)  Added ability to select multiple bib ranges when producing Chip Stickers and Bar Code labels.

1) Updates to Help.
2) Added Division links to Overall HTML report when produced from a Report Line Definition.
3) Added City as a column choice for all Overall and Age Group HTML reports - no matter how many splits there are.
4) Changed Update -> Participants to only show the chip code cross reference - all updates must be done on the cross reference screen.

5) Updated the Swap and Tran functions in Update -> Partipants to make sure that participant data record timestamps are updated so that the next participant data upload will recognize the change.
6) Enabled Swap and Tran for "Live Mode" for CT Live and RSU.

07/15/15 1) Added RSU Import to RD Bib Assignment process
2) Added a logic to handle the new RSU duplicate participant checking processes.
3) Correction to the double dip logic in the calcuations process.
07/13/15 1) Corrected GRU output for 6+ Segment races - allowed for "additional fields" when number of actual coluns exceeds 40
2) Announcer screen setup - Modified Spash Message import to use CSV imports in place of Excel imports.
3) Reverted RaceIt back to legacy import as they resolve issues with new import process.
4) Converted TFRRS interface to HTTPS
07/07/15 1) Corrected group type description from RSU when setting RD Team Classifications.
2) Corrected problem with sequencing of top finishers on the overall results report when top finishers are scored by gun time.
07/05/15 1) Corrected Race Results output to send gender ranking for splits when the reporting is by gender
2) Modifictions to the RSU results push to better sense when new splits are encountered when sending incremental results.
3) Corrections to the RD Results kiosk when pulling results data from RSU on 6+ segment races.
06/29/15 1) Participant spreadsheet imports - Changed to ask if the imported reg-id is the actual RSU or CT Live reg-id when the race is established as RSU or CT Live.

1) Corrected problem with net time calculation when trigger time is sent by chip system.
2) Improved the live results posting time by using a more efficient means of calling the calulation routines.

3) corrected the output format for Time Back in Labels / Export.

06/22/15 Added a way to disable the zip code calibration check - for situations where the Internet connection is weak.
06/22/15 Added a new option to the chip start / finish report for getting a list of start times only.

1) Correction to TOC in overall results HTML reports.
2) Adjusted Age / DOB discrepancy report to not report on missing age when age is calculated from BD.
3) Corrections to Race Entry import process.
4) Further development of RaceRoster imports.
5) Correction to Xact splits details upload.

06/08/15 Dynamic Bib Assignment.  Major enhancement using RSU to help coordinate bib numbers between all kiosk computers.  See Help.
05/30/15 Results Kiosk.  Made corrections for pace when pulling results from RSU.
05/27/15 Pace in RSU Results.  Added the ability to express pace per KM in races where distance is set in KM.
05/24/15 RSU Team Relay Integration.  Improved this process to include importing newly assigned relay members at RSU, uploading new assigned relay team members in RD and integrating team name changes from either system.
05/14/15 List Reports.  Added "Registration Date" as a choice for columns included on this report.
05/14/15 Live Results Uploads.  Modified the manual results upload process to not recalculate results if the calculation just happened as a result of the last import.
05/14/15 GRU Uploads.  Modified the GRU Upload found on the chip results import screen to allow for specifying your own file name.  This is done on the Event Setup screen found off Tailor -> Divisions.
05/12/15 Chip Read Filtering.  For IPICO, My Laps and RFID where there is a date stamp in the results data, a new check has been added looking for reads that are prior to the race date.  When encountered, you are asked if you want these times ignored.  Useful for times when you forget to clear the readers before the race.  This check happens even when you have the setting for date checking turned off in the chip system setup.
05/11/15 Compressed Reports.  Modified both the Age Group and Overall Results reports to remember the "Compressed Report" setting.
05/11/15 List Reports.  Added the option for a column for Registration Date.
05/11/15 Chip Results.  Corrected the My-Laps import for races where you have team relay where bib numbers are unique.
05/11/15 Exported Data.  Modified the participant data export process to calculate a chip time for top finishers in races where top finishers are scored by gun time.
04/30/15 Spreadsheet Imports.  Added a "Map From Headers" button for spreadsheet with a header row.  If the header description matched exactly to a Race Director mapping choice (First Name, Last Name, etc), the mapping is automatic.
04/30/15 T Shirt Cross Reference.  Increased the field size for the T Shirt size description from 30 to 50 in the T Shirt Size cross reference table.
04/29/15 Corrected bug on the Overall Results report for the combination of filtering out team participants and limiting the number to show on the report by gender.
04/29/15 RSU Teams.  Added the ability to import Corporate teams as Standard Teams in Race Director.
04/28/15 Corrected a bug in the Overall results report for when you want to limit the number printing and have the report split by gender and are combining more than one division.
04/28/15 IPICO Direct Connect.  Moved the setting for the special version of this program for a start / finish reader to Tailor -> Options.  Removed the initial prompt from the Direct Connect exe.
04/24/15 Spreadsheet Imports.  Added the ability to specify "Division Name" as column mapping choice.  When selected, there is a prompt with a grid where you map the division names coming from the spreadsheet to the RD division names.
04/21/15 Bug Fixes.  Fixed a bug related to scoring top finishers by gun time that occured only when no top finisher categories are set up. Fixed bugs related to adding / deleting / changing lap reads when the first read is a start read.
04/21/15 IPICO Direct.  Updated to better recognize trigger times.
04/21/15 Announcer Screen. Updated to show both the person finishing and the name of the relay team when all on the team have their own chip code.
04/17/15 6+ Segment Races.  Added the ability to specify pace parameters by segment.
04/09/15 Emergency Contact Info.  Created standard fields on the RD participant file for this information so that you no longer need to burn up optional data fields for this purpose.
04/09/15 Lap Races.  Simplified the import process to no longer prompt you each time for the source of the data.
04/09/15 Cross Country.  Added a new, elaborate integration with TFRRS (DirectAthletics) to auto-publish to their site as you score the race.
04/09/15 Changed IPICO Direct Connect to stop looking for trigger times until we can get it sorted out - possibly a change on the readers
04/03/15 USAT Extract.  Changed the USAT GRU output to include split times - a new requirement in 2015.
04/01/15 RSU Team Relay.  Implemented a way to assign multiple RSU Group Types in the same RSU Event across multiple Divisions in RD.
03/30/15 Overall Results Report.  Further enhanced the HTML versions of this report to have links at the top of the report to the division and gender sections within the report.
03/24/15 Participant Transfers.  Updated the Crossover button in Tailor -> Divisions to allow transferring the participants from one division to another or from a bib number range to a specific division.
03/23/15 Participant Data Changes Import.  Corrected the "Process as Changes" participant import to do the reverse T-Shirt code lookup from the description.
03/23/15 History Data.  Changed the Start New Year function in History to also clear import ranges on the chip results import screen.
03/23/15 RSU Results.  Implemented a change so that the time (chip / clock) shown in RSU division lists is in sync with how the race is configured in RD.
03/22/15 Participant Data Import.  Corrected a problem when importing T-shirt sizes as changes.  The cross reference file was not getting referenced properly.
03/19/15 RSU Results.  Enabled double dipping at the top finisher level in addition to double dipping for age groups.
03/19/15 PC Timer.  Added Winning Times to the Timer screen when creating a "chip read" output file.
03/18/15 Overall Results Report.  Enhanced the HTML reports to have an automatic hyperlink to the other gender.
03/18/15 RSU Participant Imports.  Enhanced to include "Offline Payment" as the amount paid in RD when an amount is available from this source.
03/17/15 RSU Results.  Added new calls to insure that "Preliminary Results" setting for RSU gets updated when the setting updates in RD.
03/17/15 RSU Participant Updates.  Added options to the RSU participant imports and uploads to allow the choice for whether or not chip code is interfaced
03/15/15 Series Report.  Added the option of showing Relay Team Name for race series where the divisions selected at team relay divisions. 
03/14/15 RSU Participant Import.  Corrected a bug that happens only on change records coming from RSU where there's not a bib number at RSU.
03/12/15 Relay Teams from RSU.  Added some additional editing to insure there is a group team number for each relay team entered at RSU.
03/11/15 2015 Age Graded Factors.  Updated Race Director to use the latest 2015 factors.  Made major changes in the tracking of age grade percentage.  The assignment of the distance-based factors is now done directly on the Division setup screen.  The age grade factor, percentage and net time are now calculated and saved for each participant each time the calculation process fires.  You can select any of these fields in Report Line Definitions or as exported data.  There is a new setting on the Overall Results report to include the age grade percent as a column on this report.
03/09/15 Start Time Import.  Added a setting to allow participants whose final start read is still before the gun time to show has having a zero value start time.
03/09/15 Age Graded Report.  Updated the Age Graded rules to the latest 2015 factors.
03/03/15 Race Director Kiosks.  Added the capability of pulling both participant data and results from Run Sign Up for races using Race Director Go.
03/03/15 Participant Data Import.  Added a report to show duplicates encountered in the import.
03/02/15 Chip Start / Finish Times report.  Updated to work correctly when segment definitions vary by division.
03/01/15 Race It Imports.  Correction to properly suggest next available bib number.
03/01/15 IPICO Direct.  Enhancement to allow auto-save of reads to a specified folder and file.
02/19/15 Results Kiosks.  Corrected a bug related to setting which splits show in races where the segment definition varies by division.
02/19/15 Detail Team Report.  Corrected a bug in showing the time column in races where segment definitions vary by division.
02/13/15 Series Report.  Added the ability to show only through a specific age group place on the Age Group report.
02/13/15  RSU Integration.  Added team name as a column in the results sets - enabled for either standard teams or team relay.
02/10/15 Announcer Screen.  Added a setting to the Lap Result version of the Announcer screen where you can specify that the initial read is a start read, not the first lap time.
02/06/15 Participant Imports.  New option added to the participant import screen for when there are age and birth date discrepancies in the imported data.  The new setting gives you an additional option for when there is an imported age of zero or a birth date with the current year as the birth year.
02/06/15 CT Live Participant Uploads.  Changed the "Edit Participant" process on the chip results import screen to immediately make the same change at RSU or CT Live for races in Live Mode with these partners.
02/05/15 Chip Results Import.  Changed where Timing Point is set on Chip Results import screen.  In a better place now so that other settings would be accidentally set.
02/05/15 Participant Data Updates.  Added real time participant data updates to RSU from Udpate -> Participants.
01/31/15 Corrected bug with importing wave group code from a spreadsheet.
01/30/15 RSU Uploads.  Added an edit to the RSU participant data upload to check the counts of registrations at in each system and report a problem if there are obviously more registrations at RSU than RD is showing.
01/30/15 CT Live. Switched back the CT Live Race / RD Division assignment process to showing a grid of CT Live Races on the left so that you can assign the RD Division on the right.  This allows you to establish the same RD Division to multiple CT Live Races.
01/27/15 Corrected a problem preventing occurrence exceptions printing after importing times for a multiple occurrence timing point in a 6+ segment race.
01/27/15 CT Live.  When in "Live Mode", removed the prompt you need to respond to and put the acknowledgment in the update message at the bottom of the screen.  Change the single bib transfer process to also update CT Live.
01/25/15 Exported Time Data.  Added a setting on the System Tab in Tailor -> Options to force exported times that are under an hour to be formatted to include a zero hour instead of showing only minutes and seconds.  This makes importing this sort of data into Excel work better.
01/24/15 Age Group Results Report.  Added the ability to print only a single age group on the Age Group results report.
01/23/15 RSU Announcer.  Added capabilities around publishing to the RSU Announcer screen.
01/21/15 Race Tailoring.  Created a process to convert back and forth between 2 and 3 character country codes.
01/19/15 Corrected the overall results report to show top finishers properly for races where segment definitions vary by division and you are combining divisions on the report.
01/18/15 Corrected the country code editing for participant data uploaded between Race Director and Run Sign Up
01/15/15 ChronTrack Live.  Added a "Live Mode" setting for Chronotrack.  When set, all adds and changes in Update -> Participants are sent immediately to CT Live as they are entered.
11/26/14 Participant Data Updates.  Added a process to the end of when you import participant data changes to re-calibrate the age group the participant is in.  This insures that the participant is in the correct age group if their age or gender is what has changed.
11/25/14 Corrected a problem on the Overall Results Report when you combine divisions and use the setting to retain the original division age group placements.
11/19/14 When importing a chip results file that was produced from RFID Outreach, the import will reference the Race Director bib/chip assignments to see if there is an assignment for the transponder code coming from the reader.