2012 Finishing Touches

March 13, 2012 - This is the time each year that I stop making enhancements and additions to the current version of the software.  At this point in time over 200 timers are on Race Director 2012.  Adding new features always brings along the risk that there is an unintended impact to another component of the system.  From this point forward, only bug fixes and minor improvements will be considered for this version of the software.  In mid April, Race Director 2013 will become available for those on the Extended Support plan.


Final 2012 Features added
- Results Kiosk Enhancements - Chatsworth Optical Mark Reader Addition
- Email Exceptions - Updating Unknown Participant Data

Click on Read More for additional details on the features recently added. -Roger

Results Kiosk Enhancements - Kiosk screens is by far the hottest topic in the past few months.  The main emphasis has been on improvements needed to allow kiosk computers to work more seamlessly when networked to the host scoring computer.  The major change has been the introduction of a refresh process that runs on a cycle on the kiosk computers.  We currently have a small number of timers helping with some higher volume stress testing.  Other recent improvements include:

  • A completely new kiosk format where only a single participant's data shows using a much bigger font.
  • The ability to add a logo to either the kiosk screen or the printed label.
  • A better order and layout for the label printout.
  • A way of setting up a stand-along kiosk when using ChronoTrack and with ChronoStore active in Race Director.

Email Exceptions - Added a central spot for entering email addresses from participants who no longer want emails sent.  This saves you from needing to update the participant record in every race they've registered in when you're doing cross-race emails. 

Chatsworth Optical Mark Reader - OMR readers process "response documents" in a way that electronically extract data from marked fields, such as checkboxes and fill-infields, on printed forms. In the case of Chatsworth, they have a card designed for race day entry that participants can fill in (yes, #2 pencil and fill in the circles as if it were an electronically scored test).  The data on the card includes name, gender, age, an zip code which is entered by the participants.  A registration official can then complete the card indicating the division and bib number.  See this video for an example of how this works.

Updating Unknown Participant Data - A new feature designed for scenarios where you have results for finishers that are not set up in Race Director at the time you enter the results.  In this case, an "Unknown Participant" is automatically set up - usually in a separate division which is established for problem entries.  If, while the race is ongoing, you have entered participant data on a slave registration computer, these entries can now be imported in a way that will overwrite the unknown participant data with the actual participant data - including putting them back into the division they've registered for.  To see this, go to the standard participant data import screen and select "Race Director Export File" as the import type.  You'll notice that the setting "Process as Changes" is alive for this import.