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  • COVID-19 Considerations

    How races come back from COVID-19 is not entirely known.  One thing that is fairly certain is that the comeback will be gradual.  As the comeback progresses, please keep track of the enhancements we will be making in Race Director and in Race Day Scoring to help you.  The best way to monitor this is to watch for articles at the Race Director forum.  This article is a good example - COVID-19 Considerations.

  • Race Day Scoring
    Race Director 2020 Now Available

    November 25, 2019.   As a subscriber to Race Director 2020, you will gain access to Race Day Scoring as well as Race Director.  You can begin learning and using the Race Day Scoring (Race Director's replacement product) while continuing to use Race Director.  This is not the end of Race Director, just the "Beginning of the End".  Refer to this blog post by Bob Bickel from RunSingUp for the official word on Race Director's future.

  • The Race Director Free Trial Download
    Free Trial Download
    For more than 25 years, The Race Director has been a leader in race scoring software and been used all over the world to score millions of participants.  We invite you to first download a trial of the software to ensure it meets your specific needs. The only restriction to the demo is the number of participants allowed per race (20).
  • Update 2020
    Race Director 2020 Update

    After you have installed Race Director 2020 please download and install the update below.

    Please Check: In Race Director, go to Help -> About RD and confirm that you are using Race Director 2020 before downloading and installing this update.

  • Cross Country
    Cross Country Season 2019

    August 27, 2019 - It's that time of year again - cross country season is upon us.  Some nice changes are available in RD 2017 for cross country including a way to have different scoring rules by race and a much better way to report in "dual meet" mode.  Improvements have also been made to the announcer screen which in real time shows the finish list on the left side of the screen and an updated team score on the right side of the screen - updated with each finisher.