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  • Race Day Scoring
    Race Director 2020 Now Available

    November 25, 2019.   As a subscriber to Race Director 2020, you will gain access to Race Day Scoring as well as Race Director.  You can begin learning and using the Race Day Scoring (Race Director's replacement product) while continuing to use Race Director.  This is not the end of Race Director, just the "Beginning of the End".  Refer to this blog post by Bob Bickel from RunSingUp for the official word on Race Director's future.

  • 2019 The Race Director Download
    Extended Support 2019 Now Available
    The 2019 Version of Race Director is now available for everyone with a 2019 support subscription. Please use the Purchase menu to subscribe for 2019 support.
  • Race Director Security Update
    Beginning on July 1, 2018 all registration companies who are PCI DSS compliant will be required to operate under stricter rules with regard to the security levels of any system that they connect with.  These rules are designed to insure there is no possibility of exposure to the details of credit card transactions. As a result of these changes older, unsupported operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista will be blocked from any sort of connection.
  • The Race Director Free Trial Download
    Free Trial Download
    For more than 25 years, The Race Director has been a leader in race scoring software and been used all over the world to score millions of participants.  We invite you to first download a trial of the software to ensure it meets your specific needs. The only restriction to the demo is the number of participants allowed per race (20).
  • 2018 User Conference
    January 22nd, 2018 - The date for the 2018 Race Director user conference is March 13-14.  The conference will begin at 5 pm on Tuesday the 13th with a reception.  The conference sessions will all be held on Wednesday.  We will wrap up the sessions by 4 pm.  We will be available to meet individually with timers during the day on Tuesday, on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning (for those able to stay on through Thursday).