The Race Director 2017 is now available!

The Race Director 2017 is now available!


2016 Online Registration Provider Survey Results

Online Registration Provider Survey Results

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  • Race Director Mid Year Update

    Upcoming Conference.  Join us in Philadelphia for the Third Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium on July 18-20.  This year's conference will again include Customer Race Presentations and RunSignUp Employee Demos.  The conference is designed for both timers and race directors.  There will be a half day session devoted to Race Director where many of the latest 2016 enhancements (see below) will be highlighted.

    Recent Race Director 2016 Enhancements.  There have been several rather significant updates to Race Director 2016 in recent months.  Click on Read More below to review the details.

    The Race Director 2016

    The Race Director 2016 is now available!

    To get started with Race Director 2016, please renew your annual support subscription now.  Use the Buy Now option found under the Purchase menu at the Race Director website.  Once the page loads, use the "Annual Support / Other Options" purchase type and select the appropriate support plan based on the number of races you are scoring annually. 

    2016 Improvements Summary

    There are many significant improvements in RD 2016 including:

    • New Partners.  Race Director has added Trident to the list of supported chip systems.  Integrations have also been built to online registration systems imAthlete, MyLaps, Race Entry, Race Roster, and Direct Athletics.
    • Participant Update.  Added a browse button to enable viewing and updating participant data in a grid.  Created the ability to search by bib number and name and to sort the grid by any column.
    • Cross Country Announcer.  Added a new version of the Announcer screen.  The left side of the screen shows the finish list and the right side shows team scores.  Team scores are updated with each finisher.
    • 2015 Age Graded Factors.  Updated Race Director to use the latest 2015 factors.  Made major changes in the tracking of age grade percentage.  The assignment of the distance-based factors is now done directly on the Division setup screen.  The age grade factor, percentage and net time are now calculated and saved for each participant each time the calculation process fires.  You can select any of these fields in Report Line Definitions or as exported data.  There is a new setting on the Overall Results report to include the age grade percent as a column on this report.

    The entire list of detailed ehancements can be reviewed by clicking on read more or printed from the 2016 Enhancements pdf.

    Cross Country Season 2016

    August 24, 2016 - It's that time of year again - cross country season is upon us.  Some nice changes are available in RD 2016 for cross country including a new Announcer screen showing team totals in live mode as finishers cross the line.  Other changes include the ability to show split times on the finish list report and improved registration roster lists.

    2016 will be year 2 for the TFRRS integration. If you are scoring a college NCAA meet, see the documenation in Appendix A in the Cross Country Scoring Guide.  

    Product Features

    The Race Director - System designed specifically for the management of races (running, bicycle, skiing).

    -Participant setup
    -Results entry
    -Pre-race reports
    -Post-race reports
    -Software for timing
    -Individual and team scoring for single races, biathlons and triathlons.  

    Designed for use with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.  
    Interfaces to all major chip systems:
    - MyLaps BibTag
    -RFID (Accuchip)
    -Winning Times

    Click on Read More for additional information on this comprehensive application.
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    Here are some sites that should be of interest to all Race Directors

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    Madden Corporate Services, Inc. - T Shirts, awards and other products for Race Directors

    Rainbow Racing - Race Numbers and Supplies

    Finish Line Clock  - Overhead clock for your finish line.

    Flying Feet Computers  - Makers of the Time Machine electronic time recording system

    Time Tech - Makers of the Sprint 8 timer

    Interactive Inflatables - Makers of start/finish archways, pop up tents, manners and feather flags. - Event photos.